Would you like those ideas to be added?

  1. Yes. It will improve the games.

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  2. No, It will make the game way more worse.

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  1. Hello! (read StevenR8's sig before you get confused) I have a few ideas for the games!

    ~ BEDWARS ~
    • Make the game faster, Make it so you can upgrade the diamonds Generator and Emeralds generators OR make the tier upgrades a bit more faster

    • Hack perk, It's a perk that cost a lot, There is 5% chance when the game starts one of your enemies bases iron and gold generator wont work for the first 5 secs of the game, I'm not sure if this is OP or 2 OP, OR you can buy a hack item, and when you right click it, It will choose any color, It can be your enemy or it can be YOU

    • Make the emeralds generators to 70 secs (not sure if its 70 secs) --> 45, So the game wont take forever and for the diamonds, make it 45 secs (not sure if its 45 secs) --> 30 secs.

    ~ DUELS ~
    • Add UHC build, and a bsg mode to DUELS.

    • Make the maps a Tiny bit bigger, The arena is kinda small, it should be kinda large so it can last for a good few mins.

    • Make Duels a queue thing just like arena, like when someone click the bow duel it would say in chat "QUEUE 1/2" Something like that.
    More Coming soon

    ~ Survival Dash ~
    • Make it 50 players, 72 players is way to much

    • make the maps a tiny bit smaller, Due a lot of people Run for ages OR add a horse (not sure if this is a thing)

    More Coming soon

    ~ UHC Deathmatch ~
    • For solo, Make it have 5 gapples, and 16 arrows

    More Coming soon
    Overall, The games are great! :D
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  2. Well, at this point there is probably something like a Speed Bedwars coming out, to make the game quicker.
    (Cough Mini Walls Cough)
    So uhm, I think there should be these games that can last long and a game that is basically the same just MUCH shorter.
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  3. Hack perk is just stupid imo :/
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  4. Ryan _

    Ryan _ Active Member

    For the hack perk, wouldn't there have to be an out of game shop for this?
  5. MasterGamerPro

    MasterGamerPro Well-Known Member

    Rod: costs 1 emerald bcuz it can knock enemies into the void and it's op to defend
    Water bucket: make it cost gold instead of emeralds
  6. Most of these I agree on, except for the hack perk. It just would seem more of a nuisance than any good "strategy". Unless it was included in a separate version (OP bed wars, etc) I don't think it should be implemented.
  7. one of my bedwars games almost took 1 HOUR.... just for a 12 player game? mega walls has 100 players and it mostly finishs in 40-50 mins... and BEDWARS ONLY HAS 12 players.. ;-;
    this is my first idea ;-; please dont be rude
    So you want me to add those ideas to my thread for bedwars? If so, How much should the rod cost? and for the water bucket, I dont think it needs to be change (people need to agree with you first so then i will add it to my thread)
    or maybe a mode called "Insane bedwars" but yeah the hacking thing is OP and i dont think it should be added, unless a op/insane mode
  8. Sry, I didn't meant to be rude to you

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