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  1. NOTE: Yes I know there is a zombie game mode, but the game is pretty much dead and likely to be removed soon. I know you may be thinking "if it's dead, then why make a zombie mode that will end up like zombies?" This mode will be different and it's suppose to make the pit different from any kitpvp mini game. (I will also be posting a other mode idea soon, just wont include it here because I will get it confused with feedback)

    I won't make this detailed since it's simple. This game will be pve and co-op too. The arena could look haunted. Instead of fighting players, you fight zombies for gold and exp. The villagers will be zombies and it will has it's own special perks that current pit doesn't have.

    This is to make the pit different from any kitpvp and to pleased pve fans. There will also be a prestige system as well. But perks will be like "Deal extra damage to zombies" "Get more gold while getting a high zombie kill streak" etc.

    Now you may be wondering, this mode will be extremely easy, It is not. There will be a lot of zombies and it may cause lag so perhaps the game should only have 10-30 players so it wont cause to much lag.

    I know this thread was small and undetailed but hopefully you like the game idea of this.
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  2. Like you did very undetailed. Yeah no... Zombies... We already have / had 2 zombie gamemodes
  3. youareamazing

    youareamazing Well-Known Member

    This is an interesting concept
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  4. PTL only had 1 zombie gamemode, not 2 not sure what you're talking about. I could put more detail but the concept is very simple.
  5. Heroes_Evolved

    Heroes_Evolved Well-Known Member

    Nice. I used to player a server that had a very similar game mode. It was really good, but I miss it so much.
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  6. I hate zombies.... Good idea though!
  7. Blocking dead
  8. Blocking dead wasn't in the ptl though. also zombies is going to be removed soon so there would be only one zombie game mode left.

    If we can't have three zombie game modes then why can we have about 30 pvp mini games?
  9. I dont know if its just me but is killing an infinite amount of zombies by spamming left click not fun?

    At least with players they are somewhat smart and bow and place blocks and move
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  10. Your right, It can not be fun for everyone but it's mostly for PVE/Zombie fans.
  11. PastaMastaRastaa

    PastaMastaRastaa Active Member

    zombies isn’t dead btw it’S just lacking updates, also this seems to be very similar to blocking dead which is extremely dead lol
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  12. Gio


    Gio Well-Known Member

    Hypixel Knights KNIGHT
    +1 I would love to see this get added since the gamemode will probally die out soon if it stays like this.
  13. SuperPiggeh

    SuperPiggeh Active Member

    I mean there's already enough players everywhere, is it really necessary to add more stuff to murder you? I feel like everything is fine the way it is.
  14. i like it but how do you win
    last one standing?
    this just seems like a minigame that would be played in a vannila world
  15. Although Zombies may feign in comparison to Skywars and Bedwars on terms of player count, smaller minigame communities (such as Smash Heroes and Skyclash) are much more dedicated to the game. These communities may look "small", but they are certainly not dead.
  16. Interesting concept. I still prefer this form over your and I would like it to stay that way, i dont think this gamemode will get a lot of attention
  17. xHexical

    xHexical Active Member

    Intresting.... Prob need to buff the zombies instead for spawning alot and/or add differnt types with some skills? That could be good.
  18. I gotta get this alive again
  19. Feeling alive yet
  20. There is also "VampireZ" Which is roughly the same thing

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