1. It would like a program that could put the name and that you advise the tips you can do and what are available, that a message with a type of alert. Example program put your minecraft name you will get a list of names you can do tip. Once made tip will appear in red and will not green until you pass half an hour "red does not when you tip in the game" this will serve to pay the boosters to receive more tipsy for the users to gain more experience

    PD: Not be if this post goes here
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  4. I have no clue, perhaps message a developer from another post here? I'd gladly make it for you but I've got a hefty work load :(
  5. I wish much that any developer this willing to do this, because it would facilitate the life of the world.

    Nothing happens :D
  6. I believe Cecer1 has something like this planned for his mod HypixelUtils but he is pretty busy so I'm not sure how long it might take...I would love this too.
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  7. 043A7

    043A7 Well-Known Member

    I think it's already in the hudpixel mod
  8. Starap

    Starap Well-Known Member

    They had a sub directory for this before the website design got updated... not sure what happened to it however or if it's coming back. That was where code discussion was meant to be posted.

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