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  1. NOTE: I wanted to separate the feedback between the modes so I don't get confused which is why they aren't in the same thread.

    Streak mode will have no upgrades, no perks, nothing. All you get is iron armor and a iron sword and some exp bottles. This game mode is about getting kill streaks. Each kill you get. you get a gapple (No limit) and some exp bottles. The higher your kill streak is, the better stuff you will get. Diamond armor pieces etc.

    There will be enchanting tables (with level 30) around the arena (same arena as the one we have now), I know this may seem overpowered if someone good enough to get a high killstreak and get decent armor pieces, but once you become to start unkillable you will start to get some debuffs so low killstreak players can kill you.

    There will be a kill streak leaderboard and it will have the current (alive) most kill streak players.

    Teaming is allowed but to make it so full diamond players don't team, they will start to get debuffs if they are near to each other and not doing major damage to each other.

    This mode is suppose to bring other players to the pit (making it more popular) and more original.
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  2. Cool idea. What are the exp bottles used for?
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  4. I think that's pretty interesting however, I'd assume that the mode would still affect normal stats (level, kills etc.)? Otherwise, I can see the game getting pretty stale if grinding streaks is all you can do.
  5. Well it wont affect classic stats or levels.

    and I don't think it should have levels tbh. though I would be fine with it.

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