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  1. Hello! Have you ever wondered why you can't spectate your friends? the only way you can do it is by being the game by them while dead. I have a idea for that!

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    <I> Feature
    When your friends is in game, The way you can join the game and spectate them is by doing /friend list and hover your mouse on that friend IGN. it will say "Click here to spectate your friend!" Once you click it, it will give you a menu with a Green Clay and a Red Clay block. The Green Clay will say "Are you sure? Click here to make sure!" The Red Clay says "No thanks!" Once you click yes it will sent you the game of your friend. Your friend chat appears a message "StevenR8 Joined your game to Spectate you!" The maxim will be 10 friends.

    What's the point of this exactly? This is just a thing if you want to Spectate your friend, Best friend, BFF or even GF/BF, But this is really helpful if your friend game has a hacker and your doesn't have time to record or they doesn't have a recording software. it will be useful.

    What happens if 15 friends click at the same time? Only 10 will enter and the other 5 will not.

    That is it for my idea! (Thanks to @Cashboys for giving me this idea!) if you have any unanswered questions feel free to tell me in the comments!

    I hope you guys like it!

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  3. boliisi

    boliisi Well-Known Member

    good idea
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  4. Thanks! Glad you like it! :D
  5. This is an idea I have mixed feelings about. I'd love it just to troll friends with the message :)b) and to record hackers, but the main problem with this is people having friends join in and giving away exact locations of people. Like, if someone undergeared has a good hiding spot, the player hunting them can easily just message a friend asking if they can find the undergeared player.
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  6. Yeah Maybe it can have a hangout limit? like he can set it to 2 minutes for his friends to spectate him or loess or more.
  7. _nurd

    _nurd Well-Known Member

    Quacking ✧QUACK✧
    Unless you're a youtuber I don't think you'll get 15 frands clicking at the same time
  8. I think this a great idea that we may have all thought of at some time or another in playing with friends.
    As an implementation of the game, it sounds to me like it should only be something that VIPs and above have access to the feature, as so far people have gotten away without needing it, but it can be an added bonus for buying a rank.
    The only disadvantage I see is that (like @joshua123_4 said), people could get unfair advantages on other players.
    As a variation on what @StevenR8 said, perhaps you could maybe have a maximum of 2 friends, but don't give a limit on how long they can be there as there will be some people who do just want to see their friends.
    To combat the issue of friends helping others, perhaps when in the game the friend has a tag above their name that says they are a friend spectator, and then it can become a punishable offence to join games just to help others. (This does not affect helping people who were in your game once you have died)
    Whilst it would be a difficult idea to implement, I do think that something can be done to bring friends closer together.

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  9. I would make it be a global spectator limit as well to limit the server slots a game would take up. (Maybe it could even increase as players leave the games after they die.)
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  10. Meh.. I prefer friends xDD

    we don't want any youtuber fans spamming..
  11. ABearLmao

    ABearLmao Active Member

    . An ex-moderator (@AllyMcC ) has already said (and i think this too) "This would be abused in games like uhc, where they could use friends to find ores/players." This won't be happening anytime soon. Sorry!
  12. It is possible to be added though.

    Look at the comments.
  13. Games other than UHC are fine to have it. You can tp to other players via the compass already.

    Not to mention that you'll be warped right back to the player you're specing anyway in UHC.
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  14. Yeah this should be a thing as well.

    If you get to far away, you will be teleported back to your friend.
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  15. It's a very good idea, but for some games such as UHC it would be OP.

    I think this feature must be disable OR nerf for some games (disable coords view for exemple).
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  17. They could disable msg to any friend in the game you are spectating. Anyway when you are a spectator you cant use commands.
    They should also remove chatting while spectating.
  18. Third party chats.
  19. Camobotic

    Camobotic Well-Known Member

    Like @joshua123_4 said they could be talking on skype, discord, or ts so it could still very highly be abused.

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