1. Rogue sword is pretty overpowered right now, especially with wise set. Wise set users are able to get 400% speed very consistently with a starter sword. I do not think the ability of wise users to get 400% speed should be removed, but I think there should be more swords about speed. My idea is to make a chain of swords that are upgradeable from the Rogue Sword. The speed boosts should stack, but only up to 4 times to balance it out.

    This is the Rogue Sword right now. It is the first tier of the sword chain. I think that the mana cost should be reduced from 60 to 50 because of the new changes (only stack up to 3 times), it won't be that op.

    This is the second tier of the sword chain. It could be crafted by the Rogue Sword and Enchanted Sugar.
    Possible Recipe:

    This is the third tier of the sword chain. It could be crafted by the Hasty Sword and more Enchanted Sugar.
    Possible Recipe:

    This is the fourth tier of the sword chain. It could be crafted by the Sugar Sword, Enchanted Sugar and Enchanted Sugar Cane. It is much more expensive than the previous tiers because it is just simply better.
    Possible Recipe:

    This is the fifth and final tier of the sword chain. It could be crafted by the Speedster's Sword and tons of Enchanted Sugar and Enchanted Sugar Cane. The recipe could be balanced but I think that it should only be a sword for the most dedicated players to get.
    Possible Recipe:

    These are the ideas I have since I think they will be a unique addition for the game. I mean, you shouldn't be able to hit 400% speed with a starter weapon obtained from a NPC(Although it requires a mania set to get it) right? Please comment on what you think and please do not post hate comments. Thanks for reading!

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  2. I'd either make the last sword give +90, or have the effect stack up to 4 times. This would allow the people who actually want speed to hit the cap. You should be able to do this because of the amount of enchanted sugar cane you're putting into this one sword.
  3. 4 times seems like a better option, I'll edit the post to that instead. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. bump because i want to see more opinions on this.
  5. Anything to make people who use wise have an armor set that costs a fraction of their swords is an idea I can agree with.
  6. Rolling___

    Rolling___ Active Member

    Instead of making them more powerful make them last longer for a bit of extra mana then I would get wise bc I wouldn't be spamming rogue every 30 sec
  7. I don't really agree with what I'm about to say but just to give some perspective:
    You're basically just stalling wise set users. The end result will be the same, it just lessens the amount of players that have the speed at first.
  8. You should increase the mana drain for it to be more balanced
  9. My intention wasn't to change the end result to make it that it is impossible to reach 400% speed (maybe I didn't word the post too good), I just wanted to make it so it's harder to actually reach the 400% cap, so yes, I am trying to reduce the amount of 400% speed users with my suggestion.
  10. The mana drain won't be a big problem, since it only stacks up to 4 times and having a higher mana drain won't really change anything.
  11. I like these ideas as a wise user and actually the sword of lightweight wouldn't just be a super-fast speed sword, it could be considered midgame and higher than silver fang but might be under golem and aote. It doesn't have as much strength as those two but the legendary reforge could make up for it a bit!
  12. Henle

    Henle Well-Known Member

    Quacking TREES
    Wait waitpls no
    I still want my 400 Mach.
    Pls pls make it stck to 20 times
  13. I didn't even realize it when I was making the sword but the sword of lightweight is literally the same as an ember rod damage-wise, but with a way more useful ability.

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