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  3. Possibly, If there is changes then Yes. (Tell me what changes I should do)

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  1. So I mention a idea I had in a other murder mystery thread, Now I'm going to make a thread about it.

    I'm thinking that you can level up your own roles by doing well. Example:

    If I got murder and I killed everyone, I will get Murder experience since I did well with the role, There could be a prestige level and the rewards? Loot chests.

    Once you reach prestige, That's it. I would make it have different prestiges but I don't want it to make it 90% bedwars.

    But what level is prestige? Level 20: Reaching level 20 can earn you special cosmetics and loot chests.

    What do you guys think? Does it need more information? More detail? If you have any feedback please feel free to tell me in the comments!
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  2. What's level 20... Murder Mystery doesn't feature stars and levels like bedwars.
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  3. When I was making this, it felt like a bedwars feature I still decided to make it.

    Anyway, It's like pets, It doesn't show stars or anything like that.
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  4. Um.........

    I say no.
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  5. A reason would be great.
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  6. LostWolfGamer

    LostWolfGamer Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of cosmetics
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  7. _nurd

    _nurd Well-Known Member

    Quacking QUACK
    So evy tim yu get a W with mm you get exp
    Hm, adds more hype to being Murderer, and I like the idea of new cosmetics lol
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  8. Cool idea!
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  9. Thanks!
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  10. What about titles after your IGN? Like how villagers have different jobs...in fact, it could use villager professions!

    Ex. @StevenR8 the Butcher
  11. LittlePhilip

    LittlePhilip Active Member

    That could work. It would be different from Bedwars, where you get an overall XP for everything. Here, you would get exp for each role: Innocent, Detective and Murderer. The only problem is how they would display the stars (levels) on the chat, for example.
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  12. Froges

    Froges Well-Known Member

    Galex GALEX
    Yes add this hypickle
  13. LostWolfGamer

    LostWolfGamer Well-Known Member

    U necro’d ur own post
  14. Don't you dare expose me or else you won't have cake tonight.
  15. That would be cool, as long as if the murderer experience doesn't give any in game advantages. This is because then the people who have played for longer, and won more will have an advantage over newcomers, which would make it hard for them.
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  16. The rewards will be cosmetics. For the game or general (example, personal boosters, mystery boxes etc) It won't just be for the murder role, it will be for the others as well.
  17. Yeah, that would be very cool. Maybe something like special sword skins for different levels, and certain bow particles for some. I like the idea!
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