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  1. Hello as we all know, karma means for being a nice person on the hypixel network, You get karma by saying gg when your game finishes, But right now, Karma isn't really used for anything other then that it tells you that you say gg a lot, So this thread will be making karma more useful and fun.

    Sorting Levels (this has nothing to do with the Idea)
    Level <I>: Karma world.

    Level <II>: Karma quests and Quest NPC.

    Level <III>: Karma games.

    Level <IV>: Rewards.

    <I> Karma world
    There will be a new Item in the game menu, The Karma world. I will be explaining more about Karma world later in this section but first, Here a Before and after Game menu

    The enchanted Pink Clay is Karma world. Once you click that, it will sent you to a other world with a island and a shop.
    This is the other world, This is the karma shop. Here you can buy cosmetics Which will be explained later in the thread, In front of you, There is a Karma Manger, When you right/left click the Karma manger, he will say "Willing to buy Cosmetics with your karma?" There will be a yes or no option, if you click no, he will say "Come again soon!" If you click yes, he will say "What Cosmetics do you want? [Pets] [Suits] [Gadgets] [Heads] [Other]" When you click Pets or Suits or Gadgets, a store menu will appear, You can buy stuff depending which one you clicked, Some will have higher prices since they will be better and cooler. When you click other, it will just give you more options.

    What level do you need to be to unlock Karma world? Once you join the hypixel server, you will already have it unlocked, there will be no level requirement.

    Can you join the Karma world with 0 karma? Yes you can! but it will be pointless since you can't buy anything.

    Can you see other players in Karma world? No you can't you will be the only one there.

    Can you invite people to join Karma world with you? Yes you can! the limit can go up to 15 players. it will be invite only, if your in a party and join karma world, they wont join until you invite them to Karma world.

    This is it for this section. Go to the next section to learn about
    Karma quests and Quest NPC!

    <II> Karma quests and Quest NPC
    Karma world will have Karma quests for you to complete, When you complete karma quests, they will give you anywhere to 200-500 karma, The Karma Quest NPC is a known person for delivering Scrolls of quests.

    The karma Quest NPC will come every week to the Karma world, he will sometimes have stories to tell you! The karma Quest NPC will be next to the Karma shop, Once you stand near him, he will give you a message if he has a Story "
    I have a story to tell you! Would you like to hear it? [YES] [NO]" If you click no, he will be sad and a tear will go down from his eye, If you click yes, he will give you 200 karma for being so kind. There is about 50-100 story kinds he will tell you. Sometimes those stories can effect those quests!

    When you right click the karma Quest NPC, a Quest menu will pop up
    Each quest will give 200-500 EXP, There will be 14 quests. But like I said, Sometimes his stories can effect those quests, If he tells you a story that he tripped or he was running from a bear, some of the quests will be mixed up or unorganized
    2017-08-12_17.43.00.png But sometimes there can be worse stories like a bear Ripped the quests apart, Some of the quests wont have a name and/or wont tell you how you can complete them. The only way you can complete them is by guessing. but sometimes there can be EVEN worse stories, his backpack Which he put his Scrolls in would get stolen! which means no quests to complete! Sometimes, he will be bit in a hurry, Which means he has to go somewhere quickly, So it means you will only have a day or 2 to complete them!

    When does the karma quest NPC come? he will come every Thursday at 8:30 PM, 30 minutes before Normal quests get reset.

    Will there be different quests every time when he comes? Yes there will be up to 200 different quests! So there will be so many kind of quests to complete each week.

    What happens if you didn't get a chance to complete a quest? he will leave a heart kinda message to you at the bottom next to the Karma store. he sometimes will be bad that you didn't get a chance to complete them so he gave you 50 karma for being kind!

    Will there be a Weekly Karma quest? No, Karma will be a casual and easy grind, All of the quests might take 30 minutes or more to complete them all.

    This is it for this section. Go to the next section to learn about Karma games!

    <III> Karma games
    There will be karma games in the karma world there will be a Teleporter the right of the karma shop, Once you step on it, it will teleport you to Karma land! Which is full of fun little mini games!

    Each quest will be based on one of those mini games! There will be many different mini games type, some involves with a bow! or throwing items.

    What happens if you win a karma game? You will get 50 karma for winning that game. this goes to all the other karma mini games too!

    Can you invite other people to Karma land? Yes you can! some mini games will be 1v1 or even 2v2 based! but you do not get karma for winning, There will be also no karma for those 1v1 or 2v2 based karma games, So anyone doesn't farm karma.

    This is it for this section. Go to the next section to learn about

    <IV> Rewards
    The way to get Rewards is by impressing the karma Quest NPC! how do you impress him? Try to do the mini games as fast as you can! sometimes he will give you extra quests or A cosmetic for free!

    Do you have to complete all the quests fast to impress the karma Quest NPC? No! you don't have to do them all to impress the karma Quest NPC, you can impress him by doing some quests really fast!

    Does he give you Karma if you impress him? No, Only extra quests or A free cosmetic!

    Quick little note: if you spend karma, you will be able to see your TOTAL karma in your stats menu, What I mean by this is, if you have 2m karma and spend 1m of it, The TOTAL will say 2m still.

    This is it for my thread. I hope you had fun reading it!

    I will be letting You guys to tell me what possible karma mini games there should be. No competitive or skilled mini games!

    If you have any questions feel free to tell me!

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  2. I totally agree with this idea. After reading this thread I got tiered of the word karma. :p
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  3. Seems cool and finally gives a use for karma.

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  4. It would add something new to hypixel and something to do after I'm done questing great idea :D
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  5. Thanks! Glad you liked it, Haha there is many karma in this thread :p
  6. Thanks! Glad you like it! :D
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  7. Thanks! Glad you like it!

    I agree too :p
  8. Yes! Hypixel make this nowww I'm slightly fed up of karma just being a number for nothing! Great Idea! :D
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  9. TheWatGrandma

    TheWatGrandma Active Member

    If this is added, it basically makes mystery boxes useless. Literally. Get autotip, type /limbo. AFK for the next 1 day if your pc is good enough and boom, you got like 100k or more from that.
    It'd be really abusive and I wouldn't like to see mystery boxes getting useless...
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2017
  10. Thanks! Glad you like it!
  11. I see what you mean, Maybe they can ban autotip if this ideas get added?
  12. Do not ban autotip PLEASE
  13. +100000000000000
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  14. TheWatGrandma

    TheWatGrandma Active Member


    Um no, that would create more issues than it would solve. I wouldn't want Karma to have a use to have autotip bannable and mystery boxes useless. -2 for +1. Just no :(
  15. ABearLmao

    ABearLmao Active Member

    I feel like you should add something in which there are "karma levels" and stuff in the shop is closed off so you can't get it and you need a certain karma level to unlock that part of the shop. But instead of karma levels being gained by gaining karma, you need to buy enough items from the last part of the shop you unlocked, or if you get all the cosmetics out of the mystery box, then you get the next part of the shop so people can't just autotip in limbo. Hope you like this idea!
  16. Myster-Y

    Myster-Y Well-Known Member

    will @Niqf Buy the cosmetics?
  17. Glad you like it! :D
  18. How would it make mystery boxes useless? not everyone goes for karma, Plus the cosmetics will be different cosmetics that the mystery boxes has. and the cosmetics will cost A lot, it's not cheap.

    There can always be a way to solve that.
  19. Interesting idea but the karma levels kinda makes karma more competitive I would say.

    the only way is a karma reset, Which A lot of people don't want to see.
  20. Dang he has 99m karma!

    erm I guess yeah.. but I don't think he is willing to spend it.

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