1. Alright boys and girls,

    I don’t know much about Java and mod development, but what I do know is that my guild staff is spending 3 hours at a time calculating the amount of GXP per player per week.

    If you don’t already know, you can use the command /g member [IGN] to see the daily amount of GXP a player has received. However, I think it would benefit a lot of Guild Masters/guild staff if there was a mod that automatically calculated the amount of GXP a player has received in a week.

    Thanks :p
  2. sykthese

    sykthese Member

    This would be a very helpful mod!
  3. So, simply a mod that adds up the figures shown in "/g member <ign>" ?
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  4. Yes
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  7. Hey Moulberry,

    Thanks for picking up this project! I am an admin of Mystic Fyre, the same guild the OP leads. Upon attempting to put this in my mods folder, it crashes my client without a crash report. Once the mod is removed, it runs normally. Are there any dependencies for this mod?
  8. agree
  9. Figured it out. You need to use skyblock addons!
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  12. This mod is so helpful thank you.

    I probably should make a new post for this but,

    Could you create a mod that "purges" through guild members? If you were to do it I would want /g purge (gexp) and it would send all the people who haven't got more than the gexp you put it in the last 7 days.

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