Would you like to see forum quests added?

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  1. Hello, As we all know the forums is pretty much a place to talk, share ideas, etc. The forums can get boring after reaching a sort amount of messages. like 5,000, 10,000 SO I thought of a idea! lets go!

    Sorting Levels (this has nothing to do with the Idea)
    Level <I>: Forum quests

    <I> Forum quests
    Forum quests will make you post more and make it more exciting when you complete them!

    What are forum quests? Forum quests will activate once you complete them. When you complete the forum quests, you will get more and more! This is suppose to be a thing to make posting more fun. You will not earn anything when completing them.

    What happens if you complete them? It will make a cool sound like ding, The reason why I didn't want them to have rewards is because it would just feel weird. there can be a forum level but it will be confusing for new players.

    Where can you look at your Forum quests? There will be a new button when you hover over your icon on the top right, there will be a new button called "Quests" it will show your Forum quests and stats.

    What will the forum quest stats do? it will just show you how many amount you have completed!

    This is it (I know small thread) for my idea! if you have any suggestions to make it more fun and exciting please tell me in the comments!

    If you have any questions about my idea Feel free to tell me in the comments! so I can add them here for people having the same question.

    Hope you like it!

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  2. Reversed for changelog (it might never happen but whatever)
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  3. This would encourage post spamming. No thanks.
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  4. #4
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  5. Yeah I knew someone would say that but I just wanted to share it.
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  6. WhyForum

    WhyForum Well-Known Member

    I think this is a good idea. Maybe make X quests a pre-requisite for forum ranks?
    Does having more posts matter though? Additionally, if someone blatantly does low quality posts repeatedly, the community backlash will be strong. I never understood the stigma of not adding things in fear of "post spamming". With this, you can encourage people to post more (leading to more discussion), and make people explore new communities
  7. It would mean more trash on the forums and less actual things to reply to on it.
    From what I've seen, the people who do it don't really care about the backlash. It's best to just not have that problem in the first place rather then add something that could potentially cause it.
  8. Pretty decent idea. But, people would post spam to get to a higher level, and it would ruin the whole point.

    Maybe if there was something to fix post spamming, I could see this being implemented.
  9. Higher level what do you mean?
  10. that
  11. well there doesn't have to be a forum level.
  12. ik
    im saying if there was
  13. Ehhh...
    Not really that interested in this idea, sorry.
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  14. lopen

    lopen Well-Known Member

    CowSquad COW✪SQD
    I personally don't really like this idea.
    And I'll explain why;
    I browse the forums because I like to interact with people, and to have nice debates and to have fun.
    I use ratings on posts I feel that deserve them, and I make threads whenever I have good content, or whenever I'm really tired and goofy.
    With the coming of Quests, I can't enjoy something as much as I do now.
    I've seen in IG, when I'm playing a game and I got all dailies, I get bored of the game.
    When there are no quests for something I can enjoy it much more.
    And I don't want the forums to become more competitive than it already is.
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  15. I understand.

    But it just a bit hard for me to actually post, it gets boring after reaching that messages amount like 2,000 etc

    I also made this when I really wanted to make a idea and when I cant think of anything most of the time I often think dumb ideas like this.
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  16. lopen

    lopen Well-Known Member

    CowSquad COW✪SQD
    An idea is never dumb when it's genuine like yours.

    I also have no other ideas to spice up the forums a little more, actually, I do have a nice idea that might work :p
    I'm gonna make a thread on it when I come back from school(might be 2 o'clock or 4 o'clock)
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  17. Aw thanks! <3

    Ohh I'm excited to see your forum idea!
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  18. Heyo.

    This is a pretty cool idea, I gotta say, as a person that loves posting on the forums in general. The only issue I could see is people spam-posting to complete the quests. I don't think it's right to not have a reward, though, how about some mystery boxes in-game or trophies/tags on the forums? Although, once again, players would most likely spam their posts to achieve such a goal.

    Say, how about you provide some examples of the quests? I'm sure we can think of a solution and this could potentially be added.
  19. I don't think the quests should give rewards, Nothing but a ding which means you finished them.

    Other people wont see your forum quests stats only but you (unless you make a thread about it)

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