1. I saw this feature on MC Market Forums, and I said why wouldnt they add this on Hypixel Forums, i do think this is needed for Forum Account Security.

    Basically, lemme show you what it's like on MC Market
    This should be also the same on the Hypixel Forums.

    Let me explain you this:

    This shows the date what time a person that logged on your account
    This shows the Location of which place they have joined on the account, keep in mind that you can remove that location on the Manage Account Security
    Login Success is when it says if their login were success of not, it is useful too
    2FA Success is when it says if their 2FA were success, but it'll say N/A if you didnt add 2FA to the account.
    This is where you can see the locations where you loginned in, you can remove the locations too (Would be very useful if an unknown person loginned on your account so you could remove the location and then change the password of your account)
    This is Security Settings, it explains everything already in the picture.

    I tried my best to do it, I know this grammarly is very wrong because of my bad english. I apologize for that.​

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  2. This is a great idea! It would take a lot of work to implement, but if they can do it it can only benefit the forums. Nice work!
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  3. urity
    Good ideas, would be a good addition for security.
    (stuff like this is what Mojang/Minecraft should add to accounts though :D)
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  4. I agree tbh, My old account was hacked back in 2015 when I was in vacation, I was really mad
  5. Is this ingame as well?

    If not, they could add a privacy feature that "locks" your ingame account until you give the "Ok" on the forums. (Meaning no one can play on your ingame account unless they have your forum account.)

    This feature would be toggleable.
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  6. Oh yeah, that's an good idea

    It was for Forums only btw
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  7. This is a great suggestion! Thank you for suggesting it! I hope it gets added :p
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  8. vice

    vice Well-Known Member

    SkyOrigins ORIGIN
    Secure accounts are for casuals

    but yeah this would be a good addition and would help a lot with account security
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  9. This thread died really quick
  10. 2fa would be good
  11. icebergOfficial

    icebergOfficial Active Member

    Love this idea!

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