1. Right now, wise/strong/unstable/superior are all balanced (I dont really agree with superior being the best above all but since its rare it's still accpetable) but the other three (prot/young/old) are pretty bad (you can get the full set of these armor for under 1m lol) So here I propose so ideas to make it better.

    Young: Giving bonus speed is acutally nice, but the problem being that wise can do a lot better with rogue sword and young set's full set bonus only activates in full health which sucks. I would suggest the following buffs:
    For each piece: +7% Speed -> +15% Speed
    Full set bouns: Gain +1% Speed for every % of full health (so 100% speed boost when at full health). Your speed cap will also be raised to 500%.

    Protector: Someone told me the ability is bugged,and even the ability works its still not very good since no one wants to be on low health, and the defense bonus isnt really worth the risk of being low.
    Buff Ideas:
    For each piece: +10 Defense
    Full set bouns: +1% defense for every percent of health lost (so when you at 20% health the defense will be 1.8x of the original, the exact number can still be change to make it not too powerful)

    Old: The feature of Old is supposed to be high EHP, but its completely outshined by superior (yes superior is better than everything else since its good at anything, but still it shouldnt be better in one aspect than the armor that is focused on that aspect, like superior gives less intellengence than wise, and less strength than strong, so Old should have ehp that can at least, match the ones of superior)
    Buff Idea:
    Im actually not very sure on this, either make each piece better or buff the full set bouns (at least the full set when maxed should give over 1500 health and 700 def)
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  2. Thats a nice idea
    But it means making the all dragons spawn the same rarity
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  3. I would say for young armor, have the speed buff activated all the time, but decreases based on damage taken. After all, Most people use wise armor only as a flex tool or rogue speeding.
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  4. This is mentioned in the post
  5. Dragon armor is still to good! Just nerf a lot of the end stuff. And in my opinion wise/strong/unstable/superior are not balanced compared to the other armor sets in the game! They are way to good and to easy to get in comparison to perfect tier X.
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  6. Couldn't agree more, emerald and divers became useless
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  7. How about we nerf them so the other sets that actually require grinding like emerald armor can be actually useful and worthy to grind
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  8. buff emerald armor and diver and blaze and growth and other thing that is thrown out of the window by 0.7
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  9. #11
  10. I need comments plz
  11. I like nerfs more than buffs in some situations. Power is not much different from money. Throw a ton of power intothe economy and you get power creep (basically inflation for power). The inflated power invalidates diver's and other sets; they were really good and now they are useless. Their really good stats mean nothing now because of power creep. Nerfing the stronger dragon sets would help deflate thepower economy a bit.
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  12. Chitobu

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    buffing is always better than nerfing unless an item is absurdly op wich they arent, specially after the superior nerf,

    and a admin already stated that perfect armor and divers are gonna get buffed/reworked in the upcoming patches
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  13. Another idea for young dragon was the full set bonus will just flat out double your speed capped at 400% ( or 500, id like that ), so if you have 200% speed with full young it’ll be 400%
  14. Jus108

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    umm why is protector dragon armor fsb nerfed by 50% XD

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