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  1. Hello

    As we may know, Bedwars has a level system. Each level you get a loot chest.

    Loot chests give you 3 random items. As of right now the bedwars system shows you play the game and you know how to play very well. nothing else. I feel there should be improvements to the rewards to make everyone grind for higher levels.

    A loot chest isn't that good. You can get commons most of the time and it isn't fun.

    This thread will be improving the rewards and getting a prestige system.

    NOTE: I am not trying to make bedwars a tryhard game, I just think there isn't much to the level system and rewards

    ~ Level improvements ~

    Each 25 level, you will earn a decent reward (something not crazy) You can earn Special cosmetics

    Level 25: Special Kill effect and 1 loot chest

    Level 50: Special Island topper and 1 loot chest

    Level 75: Special projectile trails and 2 loot chests

    Level 100: Special Victory dance and 3 loot chests

    (The only way you can get those special cosmetics is by reaching each 25 level)

    Something like that.

    I feel we should earn Special cosmetics while we level up. Earning 1 loot chest each level isn't really that great

    ~ Rewards improvements ~

    (This is something similar to the above)

    Each level you earn until you hit level 25, you will earn 100 coins it will go up to 500 coins Which is level 100

    it nothing too strong, something simple.

    ~ Prestige System ~

    Once you level to 100. A Ender Dragon Roar will appear, and in chat it will say
    "StevenR8 has reached Level 100"

    Your Star and level number turns into a gold color (everyone can see) You can change it back to the default if you like.

    You will also earn A Island Topper called "Level 100" it has the number 100 on your island

    You will also earn a new item in the shop "Prestige Levels" Prestige level is like normal levels but it will take longer to level up once you hit level 100. and you will earn better rewards but it will be hard to get.

    the menu looks like the menu when you hit level 100.

    ~ Prestige Stages ~

    As we all know Hmmrekt reached level 100 and it seems like there are Prestige Stages!

    There will be 4 Stages


    Once you make it to Iron Stage you get a iron color for your (this thing already exists), You have the option to Change your color back to default.
    You get 1 more slot to equip a Spray and (forgot what it is called), It will also be harder to make it to Gold stage as well

    Once you make it to Gold Stage you get a Gold color for your star
    You get 2 more slot to equip a Spray and (forgot what it is called), It will also be harder to make it to Diamond stage as well

    Once you make it to Diamond Stage you get a Diamond color for your star
    You get 3 more slot to equip a Spray and (forgot what it is called), It will also be hard to make it to Diamond stage as well

    Once you make it to Emerald Stage you get a Emerald color for your star
    You get 4 more slot to equip a Spray and (forgot what it is called), Last stage!

    Once you make it to each stages a roar will happen and everything else like what I said at the top of the thread

    There will be 9 Slots in front of you (Sprays and idk what it is called) and 7 Slots behind you

    That what I have for now.

    If there is something that I should change/ad to my thread let me know in the comments
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  2. Cool, would definitely like to see more than a loot chest per level, maybe even just higher chances of good loot per loot chest?
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  3. Herc

    Herc Well-Known Member

    Infamy INFAMY
    Yeah, that'd be sick. I'd tryhard even more than I do now.
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  4. Maybe!
  5. nice ideas!
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  6. But... But...
    What if my name isn't StevenR8 D:
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  7. texasaboy1

    texasaboy1 Active Member

    I think it should be every 10 levels but otherwise, the idea is golden :p
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  8. Torrential

    Torrential Member

    The prestige idea is actually super cool to me! Having a golden star with a 1 next to it signify level "101" would be aesthetically nice and it would give players more of a reason to level super high. Nice ideas <3
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  9. Thanks! :D
    Become a cake! :D
    It's quite easy to level up when your a low level. But Thanks! :D
    Thanks! I agree it would look so cool! :D
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  10. Cake bump
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  11. #11
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  12. @WhyForum

    Sorry for the amount of bump guys, it keep getting to page 4 :-:
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  13. Updated!
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  14. GavTEB

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    Love it!
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  15. Thanks!
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  16. GavTEB

    GavTEB Active Member

    Yet I'm only level 2, lol
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  17. GavTEB

    GavTEB Active Member

    You got one no. Who did that?
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  18. I'm level 6
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  19. Well I said I would make an in-depth post but there is really no need. I agree with everything here, I hope it gets added. Tag me when you come up with some more stuff
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  20. Thanks
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