Should ban resets be a thing?

  1. Yes

  2. Yes, but it needs changes

  3. Maybe

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  4. No

  5. Yes, If you've been banned for over 3 years

  1. This is a very controversial topic, as many people will think that people who get banned deserve it.
    My reply is that they do.
    Now if you're wondering why I'm talking about ban resets, here are my reasoning:
    • Banning is meant to teach a lesson: to not cheat/hack again
    • Because of this, players might learn that lesson
    • Players might have a change of thought and might want another chance
    My ban reset idea is when you get perm banned, you have 1 year before you are eligible for a ban reset. (May want to submit an application(Not ban appeal)) A ban reset comes every 2-3 years. Each time, all eligible permanent banned users will be unbanned. (Tempban users will not be affected)
    If you have any other thoughts, feel free to reply to this thread.
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  2. Fun fact: The definition of permanent means forever, which happens to equal more then 1-3 years, as in an indefinite amount of time
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  3. okay........................................
  4. The server doesn't ban people to teach them a lesson. It bans people to prevent them from ruining other people's games.

    If someone has broken the rules multiple times, and shown they won't learn a lesson, Hypixel shouldn't unban them.
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  5. Ahhh no. They already were given the chance to make amends and you ended up wasting it. They don't perm ban right away and for no reason.
  6. You know what, I’m just going to close this thread.
  7. If I can...
  8. Conspiracys

    Conspiracys Member

    Bans are for teaching a lesson! But, if hackers are allowed back, they will just continue to hack. For those banned for things like chat violations could have a chance to redeem themselves!
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  9. That was part of my original idea
  10. MineHQ

    MineHQ Well-Known Member

    Fun fact: you used then instead of than
  11. Different Idea:
    If you were banned like 3 years ago(my friend)
    when you were a clueless idiot as a kid
    you should be able to be unbanned
    BTW: it was a immediate perm ban for some reason

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