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    Do you know witches weaken the enemy?

    Do you know how hypixel defines weakening enemies though?

    Weakening is a way of reducing a monster's defence.

    Then why are you using it to kill monsters that don't have armor points.

    Let me tell you now that only armoured zombies have armour points.

    Then why do you place them early game?

    Let me tell you now that most of your towers can handle leather armoured zombies.
    Witches aren't needed.

    Let me tell you that a witch cost 250 gold and deals 20dps.
    A skeleton cost 10 gold and deal 10dps but upgrading for an additional 110 makes it deal 50dps.

    Stop using witches, use skeletons instead, they are cheaper.

    Use witches when you know a golden plated zombies are approaching. Only a few is needed.

    Have a nice day.
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  2. Interesting. I thought they increased the damage your towers dealt.
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  3. Witches increase the damage the towers deal on debuffed monsters. Any debuffed monster.
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  4. I was just about to say that after I verified if witches really increased damage or not.

    Description doesn't seem very clear. It should say something like "affected monsters take 40%/80% (level 1/level 2) more damage" instead of "lowers defense by 40%/80% (level 1/level 2)."
  5. Likaos

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    I'll change the description in the next update.
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  6. I would like to tell YOU that you have been using witches wrong.
    Are there any plans to make any tier 3/4 witches
  7. hqds

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    Sundry SUNDRY
    i love witches
  8. Well is it 40% extra damage or damage as if the mobs has 40% less "defense", because that would be 66% extra damage.

    1 damage/1 def = 1 damage
    1 damage/0.6 def ~ 1.66 damage

    Of course this assumes the typical "percentage defense" idea of defense.
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  9. When I tested witches (level 1 specifically), I had a single level 1 slime attack a debuffed mob. Instead of dealing 5-6 damage (normal damage from a level 1 slime), it dealt ~8-10 damage per hit. Currently this seems to be the case, and if so then the description should say "66% additional damage taken (level 1)/400% additional damage taken (level 2)."
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  10. I thought that it was pretty clear that armor actually doesn’t defend monsters and witches make attacks stronger. That may be just me and my over analytical brain though
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