1. I got a kill, I already have played 3 games, and I was on blue team, the winner of that match. I didn't get the mythic favor. Am I missing something here? If not I demand compensation.
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  2. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    Did you fully stay through the other 2 games?
  3. Did you start the quests
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  4. Did you join hypixel
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  5. Someone else on the forums also brought this up as a potential bug. They said they didnt get any daily reward coins.
    I dont know if it’s a bug or not since i havent played for the last weeks. But in my opinion there are two possibilities:

    1. It is a bug that beeds fixing

    2. It’s due to lag on the hypixel server making the coins not updating after a game before joining a lobby. Try to change lobby after completing a quest and see if you got the coins after refreshing. (It’s similar to the old legendary skin which was when u unlocked a skin you couldnt select it before you changed lobbies.)

    3. The glitch is about the quest itself not being able to register as complete. So the progress toward the quest stops counting (similar to how the progressive skins are glitchibg now)
  6. ImWithSmart

    ImWithSmart Well-Known Member

    Did you download Minecraft
  7. Yes I did, as the quest tracker displays, 3/3 games played.
  8. oh dang I totally downloaded Minecraft after I got in game and not before. xD
  9. Quests start automatically for me because of my rank. I confirmed this as it said in the lobby before I actually started the winning game, that "you have already started this quest" The thing is, I have had this quest active for a long time, and have not been able to win a single game. Reason being my team is always full of people who throw the game and don't defend the wither and just sit around and do nothing or leave, or I am on the team that gets rushed by every enemy player. It is ridiculous, this quest has been sitting at 3/3 games played and 0/1 won games for weeks now. Feels bad.
  10. Quatt

    Quatt Well-Known Member

    L9 L9
    Have you thought about winning a game?
  11. i did win a game

    get reported for passive aggressive post.
  12. Quatt

    Quatt Well-Known Member

    L9 L9
    Have you thought about maybe getting the win message at the end of the game.

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  13. Are you sure the quests werent on cooldown?

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