1. Hi i was AFK
    in skyblock
    my game crashed
    then when i joined game it says i have to log in
    when i loged in it says it is not my password
    i tryed to change my password from forget password
    then i changed it and when i put my new pas in log in it says same why?
    i am sorry i am breaking roles maybe but i can't ask anyone :'(
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  2. Try waiting a little, I've had this issue before where it wouldn't accept my password even after I changed it and spent 10 seconds typing each character. I waited like an hour or something and I could log in.
  3. Could be just a bug. As said above just wait a little and try again. (note, if you have not, restart the launcher. It could minecraft that's causing the issue not the server)
  4. i have changed
    my password alots and used mcleaks alots and stil this issues on me :'(
  5. what do you use mcleaks for?
  6. Dimerite

    Dimerite Active Member

    You answered yourself.
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  7. to use my own account
  8. if you got ur account from mcleaks then. why?
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