1. Okay, so I was minding my own business in skyblock, when all of a sudden two random people friend request me and message me to join their discord server. I didn't want to be rude, so I joined them. The asked me all these strange questions like 'is this your main account?' and things. In hindsight, it was incredibly suspicious, but I'm really oblivious. They asked me to play a different game with them, but I didn't really want to leave skyblock. Eventually, they pressured me into leaving, and I ended up having to play a singleplayer game (that wasn't MineCraft) and screen share it to them. They kept telling me to try again in the game every time I lost, so I obliged. After about thirty minutes of this, I saw a message in their server that read 'WE'RE RICH NOW', and then I was banned from their discord server. I immediately went back to my skyblock to see that it had been griefed. My co-op partner and I are convinced they hacked my MineCraft account, evident by everything in our bank being gone, all the items I had on hand were gone, and all I had in my inventory were five enderpearls in an inappropriate shape. Our island was bombed, striped of resources, and stripped of minions. We know it was these people, evident by one of them using a pretty obvious alternate account trying to convince me to not change my MineCraft password. The alternate account also had the armor set i was currently wearing and all of the minions we had at that time. We have a strong suspicion that these were the accounts used in this antic, and we've attempted contacting an admin, but nothing seems to be working. Is there any way to do a roll back that doesnt involve contacting anybody?
    Also, as a side-note, if you see anyone with the username 'thanosps', 'xComzie', or 'sophie297', please report them, as Hypixel won't allow me for some reason.
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  2. well first off public shaming at the end which can get you banned. Second, there is a section in the forums where you can report rule breakers. Third, it was kinda your fault for letting them hack you but I do wonder how they did that (no intension to do it myself) I am really sorry this happened to you but I’m just a guy that tries to help people and get help myself.
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  3. Okay so change your password and security questions right now.
    Also, in the future don’t be that trusting. People are *&&holes and will do stuff. Don’t trust them.
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  4. happened to me in 2015, just dont trust random people these days.
  5. There can be very much people that are f**kers that will literally do whatever it takes to do well in a video game
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  6. Yeah, I figured that out the hard way. This actually happened about 24 hours ago, so the password and security questions have been long since changed. Is there any way I could get in contact with someone who could fix this?
  7. I don’t think so but you can at least report them and wait
  8. Yeah, I set my island to 'no visitors', and I don't intend on accepting random friend requests anymore. Is there anyway you know of that I could fix this mess?
  9. Alright, oh well. At least I still have all my collection levels, so that's good.
  10. bigsak

    bigsak New Member

    Hey, So, i know a little about this things, maybe the problem was the "random game" that you were playing, could you say what was that game??, i still dont know how they grieffed your island, you have screenshots of direct messages, discord server or idk, something? and the game was downloaded or played on a web client (Sry for too many questions, ^^')

    Also good luck dude, what happend to you is really bad,
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  11. Hey, so I was playing a game on Steam called Nuclear Throne. It's in our suspicion that they wanted to 'watch me play it' so they could log on to my account and steal everything. I don't have any screenshots of DMs, seeing as how I was blocked from everything before I even knew what was going on.

    And thanks for the luck. They managed to miss stealing some speedster boots, so that's a start at least!
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  12. Actually, we have no idea how they even got the login info. I'm 100% positive I've never said anything, whether it be in or out of the game. We suspect it has something to do with the Badlion Anticheat client, because we weren't have problems before I installed it. Can anybody confirm/deny if the client has any leaks or a way to get personal information?
  13. Be more careful next time. People can betray people.
  14. Legendaire

    Legendaire New Member

    Im guessing they somehow figured out your ip address through the steam game and then used that to find your email(you can be surprised how much data is on your ip address) and probably your account details as well.
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  15. Yeah, as I've mentioned, I've learned that the hard way. I have already changed my island settings to make it where nobody can visit. That's as much as I can do, save recognizing when someone is being sketchy.
  16. Same, infact they changed my original nick too
  17. 5 PAGE MUDA
  18. bigsak

    bigsak New Member

    Hey! They told you to download the game, or they passed you a link? something like : https://Steamapps (that link is an example, idk why works lol)..... , i dont know if i explain correctly. Also there is other way to "hack" if the passed you a link to a page that look like a world map, the name of the webpage is findme or something like that, when someone "generates a link" all the people that use that link gives his IP to the provider, (im talking aboud my experience) in other words they took you IP just to know info, i recomend you intalling an IP protection.
    I just want to know if they proveded you a suspicious link, i think i may help you.
    Thanks for reading me, keep fighting :D
  19. YehuDash

    YehuDash Member

    basically did they give you a link or asked you to just download it? if they did pass you a link it's probs a sort of virus
  20. I can give you some items. To help you out

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