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    i like to build with others on the rare chance someone asks for invite in lobby. and ok thx for the advice u gave on previous posts anyway.
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  3. On the contrary, they're pretty simple, and by far they're the best reference to use when practicing your technique.

    As for the actual thread, if you want to get better at building, don't even consider playing Build Battle. Go to some outside servers that contain plotworlds, preferably Builder's Refuge and just start learning from there. There are plenty of fantastic builders there, some will even be willing to help out probably. You can always watch videos, for beginners I would suggest Grian, but take note what he shows you will not get you anywhere far in the long run.
  4. Nope I tried searching irl houses and the Colors and detail are hard. And for lpvpl question I think he meant improve at both not just one.
  5. Lul not an issue for me then.

    Not sure what you're referring to when you say "lpvpl".
  6. then don't mention it. lpvpl is the name of person who made thread
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  7. The thing is this game is super luck based, you could be an amazing builder and still lose a lot due to people voting super poop.
  8. What I do is just build in single player and see what works. Take as much time as you need there. Then, find ways to shorten the amount of time needed for a build, whether it be clicking differently, choosing where to focus the most, etc.

    If you could get a video of yourself playing a game and share it, it might be easier to find the issue.
  9. Well i got +5k score and i can say you’re getting better by time but bro ur bb score is 0 wtf?
  10. I have a single player world called: '' BuildBattle Workout '' There I train my constructions with the intention of improving more and more. Maybe this can help you. And also you can see how much you've improved. (Sry bad english)
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