1. I cant contact support because for some reason it says my email is unverified witch is not true.

    I need an admin to remove the flowers that _Reef_ glitched out the map to permanently grief
    I also need an admin to remove the random floating name tag leftover from undoing a paste of the Beam social media.
    There are also some lighting errors from invisible flowing lava outside my plot that I can't get rid of the glow.

    Thanks for the help. My house is called "PVP Island"

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  2. Hello, You don't need to contact support for this issue.
    Please find a helper or mod that can help you remove those blocks.
    As for the beme you can fix it, see in video:
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  3. The350

    The350 New Member

    Friendly visitors that you have
  4. I know right? never trust random people to build stuff.

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