1. The last 2 post I made I've gotten 10 dislikes total (so far). One of them is me showing off and killing a player that's level 65 or higher, I think people disliked it because people were mad because levels don't really matter, sometimes it does (I don't want argue or anything but if someone has MVP+ and has pink pluses, they're most likely going to be decent). That's gotten 4 dislikes. Here's the link to that forum post, https://hypixel.net/threads/when-a-level-65-player-calls-hacks.1509792/
    My other one is about a glitch that I found kind of, anyhow, people got mad because I mentioned my girlfriend (A lot of people got mad and disliked it, also people even trashed talked me in replies). Other people thought I was rude for calling the Unranked player a "Non", here's the link to that as well, https://hypixel.net/threads/a-non-r...-can-do-not-click-bait.1507266/#post-11839716.
    Anyhow, I just want to help out the sever in any way I can, not a douche bag.
    If anyone has any tips, please help me out, should I just delete everything and restart my forum status (Which I don't know how to do, nor if It's a thing or not) . I need help/tips that will help me out in the forums, and what kind of things I should post. :3
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    CANARI Well-Known Member

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  3. PostFarmer

    PostFarmer Well-Known Member

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    it was not needed to post
  4. Don't ask for likes
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  5. Like what's the use of making these threads. People don't like these kind of threads, that's why you get dislikes.
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  6. True, one of them was OMG I KILLED A LEVEL 50?!?!?!?
  7. Dont ask for likes, dont post useless threads of you killing people. Just use common sense. See how everyone else does this.
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  8. I never ask for any likes at all.
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  9. Be yourself and don't expect to get likes on your posts. Just be helpful and good things will come to you. It's simple man.
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  10. Swag

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    Don't post threads that are useless
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  11. 10Pi

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    How to not become a Dutch bag:

    1. Level 65 hackusates you. So WHAT? Who cares?

    2. nobody cares about who’s your gf

    Just stop making useless posts like that. Make something worthwhile and funny.
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  12. is this really necessarily?
  13. haot

    haot Well-Known Member

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    stop caring about dislikes. be yourself.
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  14. Rio


    Rio Well-Known Member

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    short answer:

  15. Don't care too much about dislikes. I used to get a lot long ago 0-0
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  16. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

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    Tip; don't post useless threads
    in all seriousness, who care if you get dislikes lol
  17. First thread you made : killing a 65+ player is actually so common that your thread was totally useless and it was like u were begging for likes
    2nd thread: i dont see being a non as an insult
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  18. Crafter0800

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    It's always nice to see someone care about becoming better at the forums. It's easy enough to just post random threads however when you show dedication to improving and becoming better that's really good to see.

    As for your threads, they seem kind of generic. Anyone can kill a level 50+, most games are all about killing other players, and a fair amount of players are also level 50+.

    As for the second thread I'm not really sure why it got dislikes, it's a cool bug and doesn't seem like such a bad thread.

    Either way, don't let dislikes get you down too much - they're all over the forums and people get dislikes on posts all the time - even staff like me! Ultimately people will always dislike some of your content, but the important thing is to work past that and look at the other ratings you get on other posts. Not every post can be a hit and get only positive ratings, but over time you may find that you get more positive than neutral ratings.

    Ultimately just stick around to have fun for yourself, not for others.

    If you have any questions you wanna ask me, feel free to start a conversation :) and have a nice time :)
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  19. BiggieSmalls

    BiggieSmalls Well-Known Member

    @Crafter0800 you misclicked right. Right...? I'm hoping btw please no ban
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  20. People disliked that thread because you acted like it was rare or impressive, but it wasn't.
    In most people's eyes, level 65 is insignificant - easily obtained with a few boosters or a little bit of time on the server.
    I'm around level 130 (twice as many levels, and much, much more xp than 65) and I still don't feel like it's that much.
    People have reached past level 200 and even 300.

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