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  1. [​IMG]
    Hey everyone my name is @OllyRolly and I practice making minecraft gfx for a potential bigger career in the future. I hope you appreciate my work :D

    DM me!

    Well, I don't know how I sound, but I promise having staff ratings doesn't change anything for me, and this thread was made solely for staff just because they are mature and understand my position as I can't make it for everyone. If this thread was aimed for every member, I would have already quit graphics and there would be 50 or more pages

    I rather improve my art skills than rushing my way through for finishing my list




    @Outbreak :




    HELPER: @wizkrys (banner)

    OWNER: @Hypixel + @Rezzus


    HELPER: @Carcroft (pfp+banner)


    GIVEAWAY WINNER: @Pearlmini

    OWNER: @Hypixel

    HELPER: @JustMini


    MOD: @FermataPlays

    CLIENT: @shahed


    HELPER: @Joel146

    ADMIN: @Minikloon

    MOD: @Bernadette

    HELPER: @Polyvalent (Banner)

    YOUTUBER: @XQII_YT (Wallpaper)

    HELPER: @Spotifi

    MOD: @SylentButDedly

    MOD: @OnlyGodJudge

    HELPER: @xxtx8x

    BUILD TEAM: @Cheesey

    HELPER: @Password7

    MVP+ : @MagicTin

    HELPER: @ISmellLikeBacon

    -I'd be more than honoured to make one for you guys, so just start a convo with me or add a reply down below :)
    -I will start a conversation with the person I am making it for with the version without watermark and a higher definition, so if I don't have the permission for starting a convo with you guys.... You could either start one or I don't even know...
    -Profile Pictures aren't the only thing I make!


    Sharing this thread around will be really appreciated <3

    —————WAITING LIST—————
    1) Starzi

    —————INTEREST LIST—————
    - WestKidd
    - ChiLynn
    - Toxic_Spider
    - Neno_
    - Rectified
    - Amaranth

    - Amoura2000

    —————MY “STATS”—————
    Made for a OWNER: 3
    Made for an ADMIN: 1
    Made for a MOD: 5
    Made for a HELPER: 21
    Made for a YT: 4
    Made for a BT: 2

    Feel free to ask questions down below! I am 80% sure people did not understand who I am and what I am doing, so... I’ll answer all of them!​

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    Last edited: May 18, 2018
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  2. Waiting for the staff rating.
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  3. That would be awesome :)
  4. Wow it looks great! I would honestly want one but I love my profile picture too much to change it :(
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  5. I can still make it, no problemo! Doesn’t matter if you use it or not :)
    You are next on my list <3
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  6. Thank you so much I appreciate that alot <3
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  7. Going to sleep, sorry if I won’t answer any questions until morning
  8. Added a phrase “tag any staff/yt/build team you think should have one” :)
  9. Woke up!
  10. My fellow build team member @BlocksKey could use one. I don't even think he's on the forums, but at the very least he needs his Slack profile redone... :p

    Very nice work!
  11. How about, I make one for you and one for him? ;)
  12. I suppose my weird screenshot could be replaced. That's very kind of you!
  13. Who voted horrible and discusting in the poll :eek:
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  14. Okay Guys, completely changed layout, this will now be my official thread :)
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  15. I hoped at least they would have left a comment, since I proudly accept consructive critisms
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  16. #16
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  17. Finished and added to thread Password7’s one!
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  18. Looks nice!
  19. Wow! Your work looks great! I was wondering if you could make me one if its not too much trouble, thank you so much your work is amazing keep up the awesome work! Have a great day! :D

    Thank you!
  20. Thanks for the profile picture dude what you do is amazing and I hope to see more of your incredible stuff in the future.

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