1. Hellohypixel staff my name is Nick and my in-game name is : ItsMeMickey!
    So my problem is that I joined a hub at skyblock and it lags so much! I had around 60k and I bughted some magma boots with 3ok and it had on like protection growth and thorns! So I put all my money at my bank and then the server kicked me out and I joined back to the server and I lost my 30k and lost my boots!
    Do something pls!
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    Now I'm gonna answer "yay" to every pointless "my stuff is gone" thread
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  3. All I can recommend is that you contact support. I am not sure if they can actually do anything, but you should at least try. Also, before you submit a support ticket, understand that the support team gets many many tickets a day, and it may take a while for you to get a response. You should just keep playing the game while it is awaiting a response, and not focus on it too much. To submit a support ticket, head over to https://support.hypixel.net/. If you do not already have an account, you can either make one at https://support.hypixel.net/signup or log in with your Gmail account at https://support.hypixel.net/login. Then click "Open a Support Ticket" (Or go to https://support.hypixel.net/conversation/new). I hope you are able to get your problem resolved.
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    Congratulations on losing 30k! :)
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  7. dude it took me a lot time to make 30k lol
  8. don't be rode
  9. thx a lot
    Thank you can you help me out get some money so i can get back on?
  10. Sorry, I do not play SkyBlock so I would not be much help to you. You should maybe try finding a guild who can help you or maybe one person. Also maybe looking up some YouTube videos tutorials on how to get money faster may help you out.
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    Yeah, use the internet.
  13. thx
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    also, i recommend, if you could provide any evidence and maybe show a staff member dms, and they can deal with the problem!
  15. I will thx! <3
  16. Hmm i don't know any staff that they have open dms
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    E.g Helpers :p
  18. Do you know any?
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  20. Hey!

    When that happens you can make a bug report at https://hypixel.net/bugs. It's a big plus if you have the instance (/whereami) you where on when that kick happened. If you don't have it you can still try to search the instance in your logs (.minecraft/logs). If you found the instance in this case make sure to tell me.
    Skyblock is still a prototype game and things like this can happen. It's not possible to always give the items back, because it's caused by an issue and these bring the unforeseeable sometimes.

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