1. I just got teeth pulled
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  2. dogo

    dogo Well-Known Member

    thats nice

    did it hurt
  3. How did it go? Hopefully you'll be able to eat something soft and cold to numb the pain a bit.
  4. Lettuce hope that isn't a permanent tooth like mine I can still feel the needle
  5. Oof I got my teeth pulled, I hate that damn needle
  6. Goodwade

    Goodwade Well-Known Member

    A root canal is like 9999 times more painful.
    Trust me, I know.
    They didn't even give me any painkiller during the operation.
  7. evil dentist
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  8. they put this gel stuff to numb where they put the needle so it didnt hurt
    currently eating ice cream
    thats horrible
  9. Oof I feel you my guy
  10. The needle actually hurt
  11. they forgot two spots where the put the needle and it wasnt very fun
  12. Atleast you didn't pull out your babyteeth via force
  13. eat icecream it feels good when that happens

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