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    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    What other classes are you refering to?

    Just a question.
  2. Best explain i think , also where can i find those videos ?

    I agree with you , 4 normal classes i think not as good as the other ones
  3. Just si
    Just saying, u have 2 wins. I don’t think u can rlly explain how this game has evolved since u average like 2 games per year
  4. It wasn't new player friendly when the game launched, most definitely not with the upgrade system tthat made the rich richer, game breaking parties and classes. It's just that everyone was new and it was very intuitive. With creeper, skeleton or zombie, it was quite clear what the classes do, when playing with or against the class. People figured out what the game was, how to play efficiently, how to add unknown methods to the meta etc.

    Nowadays, it's a game of routine for most. The meta is clear and new players -whilst given a maxed kit- lack in the experience which is a long grind in itself basically. With over 20 classes, many of which do not reflect anything from minecraft, new players don't know what they are fighting against. Spiders leaping high into the air, classes that teleport behind you when shooting an arrow at them, classes that keep others alive etc.
    Those existed back then, too in form of shaman, arcanist and the like, but with less classes and maps, it's easier to get into.

    A lot of 'skill' comes from knowing classes and also knowing maps: Where to go to in what situation. What are safe routes? How is the underground connected? It certainly does not help them that there are this many maps so that the layout is changing with each game. Learning a map that pops up every 20 games is also not really happening.

    The reason the game is not new player friendly (outside the very 'welcoming' community but let's not get into that) is the fact that there is too much content in the game at once. It's definitely more balanced than it used to be and looking back at times without spawn protections, improvements were made. But the most important component of a game to attract new players is accessibility which comes through intuition and this where the game has a problem.
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  5. Well said.
  6. welp cuz some got banned some quit and some went and played some fortnite
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    Here is probably the video that started the hype train of mega walls. I'm pretty sure OriginalStrafe was the first person to completely overthrow the culture of clutching and hype games.
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  8. Except those things are useless. If the players don't know HOW to use the classes, then might as well just give them full iron armor and wish them luck. It's not new player friendly because new players lack the intelligence to learn how to play.
  9. Players farm kills on newbies, the cheating problem that had a huge jump since 2016 and other games like fortnite, warframe, csgo etc.
  10. This game is hard to say its team based anymore is what I find the problem to be. Back in 2o14, I remember building trenches and the Dragonkeep tunnels actually being blocked off with wood nowadays you never see these things. Nowadays it is also easy to upgrade your classes and get prestige. Back then having a prestige was a sign of "wow that guy is good" or "wow that guy plays too much". With the coin refund a while back the majority of the community has prestige and even a new friend I played with today already had a max kit. I believe this game has just gotten too easy, I remember the work I had to put in to grind for my first prestige, it tooks months but I know I deserved it. When I recently bought prestige Arcanist I feel like I didn't deserve it and it didn't really mean anything to me considering the majority of players in my game had it as well.
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    pfu PFU
    Guild Master
    Literally everyone was a new player at that time, are you joking?
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  12. Start crying!
    WTF, are you honestly complaining about "only" getting 4 full max starter classes?
    Leave this forum immediately!
  13. i think the game was better with not much players (around end 2017) but altleast almost everyone had gamesense and the game was way more fun
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    Skele can be easily countered just by running and hiding in holes and since the abil doesn't do true damage stealing fks is rly hard so usually you'll lose in a draw with 15 f/a because you only have 2fks
  15. Typical salty MW players. I missed it.
    Give me a reason why MW is balanced before you speak up to me.
  16. lmao no one is actually good at the game lol people are either average at pvp or 6 blocking

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