1. navigation93

    navigation93 Active Member

    48 holrus without sleep and i feel as if my walls are moving, the voices are getting louder and i feel like someone is coming for me,, idk what to do cus i cant go to sleep
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  2. You have to sleep for 18 hours now to make up for lost sleep.
  3. yachtman35

    yachtman35 Active Member

    I'm sorry :( You need to get some rest, nav!
  4. Nalcot

    Nalcot Well-Known Member

    keep going until everything turns black

    that's the finish line
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  5. Getting sleep deprivation speedrun any% Hypixel forums
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  6. 1) Why did you not get any sleep.
    2) Yes that’s sleep deprivation
    3) Now you must sleep like a cat to make up for it
    4) Sleep now before you lost consciousness, it’s not good for your brain
  7. I’m ding I’m ding I’m having a stroke the walls are rather stuiped it’s good to know I have friends that will- pass out
  8. Or you are doing something your not supposed to and it feels that way....
  9. Your gonna die die die die gonna noise ang oookh stand by my dead body (I stayed me late uppppp)
  10. Me thinks stay late up too
  11. Thats sleep deprivation and going longer is really bad for your brain
  12. Imma hhs I’m https hypoxel.mc.gret
  13. if you drink red bull you'll never sleep (or just have existential dread like me)
  14. someones having a stroke
  15. Me has bulking bed forty’s
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  17. It's common to hallucinate when sleep deprived, I suggest getting some sort of sleeping medicine if possible, or taking a form of melatonin (the chemical that causes you to sleep and dream).
    Best of luck getting rest though! It's not good to stay up so long for extended periods of time, it's seriously damaging on your health as a whole. :confused:
  18. I remember staying up for 3 days

    I couldn't walk after those 3 days
  19. lol your nick is the best
  20. I remember trying to stay awake because I thought it was cool at the time, terrible idea. Sleep is great

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