1. My fellow Hypixelians, today, I am captivated to accompany you in an awe-inspiring speech that defines courage, humility, respect, compassion, most importantly, a discernment of community.

    When Hypixel invented this server, he aspired for one of the most reliable servers, and for everyone to be equal.

    However, in 2019, the non-donator is still not liberated from the wickedness of innumerable injustices. They live on an island of poverty with a three-second timer. We must no longer tolerate the shameful conditions of members on Hypixel; they have the right to play Minecraft. This thread must not conduct acrimonious meetings; unity is the key to thriving overall!

    In merely a couple of threads, the mention of non-donators stains the Forums. With them quickly being silenced by the ranks up the ladder. The Hypixel vaults have an extraordinary opportunity for everyone to receive the golden dollar. Non-donators must have the freedom ringing in their ears, playing games, observing, and having a blast on the server — the time to take action against these inequalities is immediate. The present is a gift.

    We must not rise to violence, and overthrow the Hypixelian systemic order, do not stoop to their level. As a community, there must be an understanding of each other. Seeing the player's backgrounds, their visions, envisaging a shining crystal of prosperity, enlightening an entire cavern is essential for a truthful nation. As non-donators and ranked members, we must realize our destinies are interlinked.

    Our future is to be playing on the most substantial server on Minecraft. Eating the fruit of hatred, and drinking a bitter drink will not solve anything in our lifetime. Inclusivity translates into happiness for the progress of all, not some, the development of a just society, observing the common good of Hypixelians. You are just going to have the same in the future without working together.

    We cannot turn back on malignance. We must turn to success.

    Today, I say to all of you:

    I have a dream that Hypixel will rise out of the shadow of judgment, and cast a shadow of achievement across the entire server.

    I have a dream that every single non-donator and ranked member can get along in perfect serenity.

    I have a dream that every particular game on Hypixel can be transformed into a meeting ground for all individuals, no matter their status.

    I have a dream that players are going to judge non-donators by the contents of their character, not the contents of their rank.

    I have a dream that ranked members will join non-donators and sing a joyous tone of appeal.

    From Quakecraft to Skywars, let freedom ring. Let forthrightness soar from the highest mountains to the lowest valleys.

    I have a dream today. This dream is my hope for us. Do not allow your pride to define you.
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  2. This speech seems familiar, mhm

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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. You are right though...... The divide is clear
    *cough* *cough* *Helper* *cough* *cough*
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  5. I disagree. Some of the helpers are excellent people, but some follow Hypixel's orders without a second thought. We must rise and overthrow the destitute order. The players have the power to seal the divide!
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  6. 0utf1t

    0utf1t Active Member

    Why should we support the non-tax paying citizens of Hypixel ?
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  7. The non-tax paying citizens of Hypixel make up a substantial part of it. Without them, YouTubers would not flock here to spread their fame and glory. A donation does not mark your character in the palm of your hand. We must be forthright better in order to prosper!

    Imagine getting a three-second-timer because of your status, absolutely disgusting!!
  8. Is it appropriate to link the MLK and Gandhi ERB video? :p
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  9. The fascist Hypixel regime might blacklist you because it does mention swears. Do what you believe is right; fight for what you think is fair; survive to thrive!
  10. 0utf1t

    0utf1t Active Member

    They might be the majority of Hypixel, but we are the ones that keep Hypixel afloat and running ! Nons are getting enough respect after they are playing off of our hard earned mom's credit card money!
  11. You may be the "ones" that keep Hypixel afloat and running, but what happens when the majority fights back? This happened in the Mughal Empire between the Hundis and Muslims - I wonder who won that battle!
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  12. wait a second your mvp+
  13. May an MVP+ not fight in the non-donator wars? Men fought for women for their rights. :)
  14. This is for you @Songgg.
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  15. Hey how you got that level bar signature ?
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  16. "I cannot tell you where the journey will end, but I know where to start." - Avicii

    As your favorite artist said, the journey for justice is now, the start is the horizon!
  17. Aviciifi sets the bar pretty high ;)
  18. Go here:

    And then replace YOUR_NAME with your IGN.
    Yeah, I really like the quote.
    Yes. :D
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  19. Thank you Zoidberg.
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  20. thats not what i meant but okay. White people fought for black rights too
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