1. check my API if yo dont believe me.

    I have following items:

    "Enter Username"

    "Enter Guild name"


    "Input Username"

    these are papers, with no COMMON tag or any description of whatever sort.
    This is not an illgeal item and yu can carry it around anywhere.

    So does anyone want to buy them from me?

    (In my hotbar, slots 5-8.)

    edit ok i messed up, these arent as rare as I thought..
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  2. ok cool neat i also don't give a fuck
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  3. yeah not rare at all lol

    go to someone elses island
    click sb menu
    click profile
    click friends
    click search friends (the sign)
    click sb menu

    it should appear in inv
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  4. .
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  5. Congratulations you have ruined someone’s business!
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  6. All the rare item collectors are flipping out that you posted this.
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  7. if anyone wants to know more bugs then just msg me lol i got tons more.
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  8. Just say it here, so we can all enjoy

    Thanks for the free informations
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  9. probably can't say them all here but i made i video and if you're interested in bugs there is a ton on there:

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  10. hevex

    hevex Active Member

    all the skyblock ones are well known bugs shrug
  11. Imagine visiting others island and donating Search to players
  12. those are literally free
  13. ok what other bugs do you know :D
  14. i know all of em lol
  15. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Literally the same thumbnail look as darkviperau

    Good job
  16. Your inventory api is not enabled
  17. ya got me
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  18. then teach me the ways of the bug
  19. i have 4 shits that im not gonna give

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