what u like better?

  1. fortnight

    2 vote(s)
  2. minecraft

    54 vote(s)
  1. yes. The reason why I downloaded fortnite was bcuz my account was on maintnance or something for 10 days and so I thought I would play fortnite....But Yeah it was boring and e.z . I won my first game... lol. Then I stopped playing.
  2. My friends made me downloaded it still mad that I wasted my pc space on that only have 3tb internal and 2tb external :(
  3. Minecraft isnt actually dead tho.
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  4. Minecraft can still have a huge revival
  5. It doesnt really need one..
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  6. But imagine the amount of players joining if they reduced the price of the game
  7. Why this thread. This is not needed thread
  8. Nipixel

    Nipixel New Member

    I was wondering the same thing lmao
  9. 1+
  10. Fortnight is literally hunger games with guns.
  11. no. it quite clearly say in post. i hate FORTNIGHT. idot.

    why r u post? u cannot spell. u cannot type. u r a bad forumer. go away.
    this in bedwar forum because bedwar a better game. unlike stupid fortnight.

    why is this post? this stupid post is not needed. get off my thread.
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  12. You are posting "what game you like better" in a MINECRAFT server forums. Like isn't it obvious they will pick MineCraft
  13. seemed obvious that some people would like one and some would like other. but only big idots would pick fortnight. that much is known to me.
  14. Sorry I had too much sugar before this...
    Ate 8 mcflurrys with oreo pieces lol
  15. KimJonUn

    KimJonUn Well-Known Member

    As much as I hate fortnite, they just partnered up with nfl so they aren’t going anywhere soon sadly
  16. Emanu93

    Emanu93 Member

    Did you mean: Fork Knife ?

    I play Spoon Knife (jk lol I don't it's so overated)
  17. *Fortnite*

    I SAID THE F WORD :eek::eek::eek:
  19. I Didn't say it sucks?
  20. I meant yes it deserves a post. sorry if it was unclear.

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