1. https://i.imgur.com/cTFJGMf.png A screenshot of the scammer
  2. ok? i dont remember asking
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    Imagine putting this at wrong section
  4. rip i only have 100k xD
  5. I wonder who asked
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    Hello, my name is Scammer.

    Let's learn alphabets.

    A. a. Apple

    B. b. Bat Talisman

    C. c. Coins

    D. d. Dumb

    E. e. EZ

    F. f. F*ck

    G. g. Game

    H. h. Hamburger

    I. i. Intelligence

    J. j. Jerry

    K. k. Knowledge

    L. l. Loser

    M. m. Money

    N. n. Noob

    O. o. Offline

    P. p. Pizza

    Q. q. Qcumber

    R. r. Rank

    S. s. Scammed

    T. t. Trash

    U. u. Unstable

    V. v. Victory

    W. w. Why

    Y. y. You

    Z. z. Zealot

    Now, let's learn sentences.

    H. h. Hello.

    W. w. Why?

    I. i. I got scAmMeD!!! his name is Technoblade!!! Help meee gimmee 50mil midas

    D. d. Dude, you are public shaming. You won't get your items back. Just close this thread and report at http://hypixel.net/forums/37 and Go off. Loser

    Y. y. You are pernamently banned from this server! by [OWNER] Hypixel

    R. r. Reason: Just
  7. May i tell you something...

    i certainly didn't ask.
  8. To be courteous, I decided to put a majority of this message in spoilers to keep it shorter, but please read what's in them to avoid getting scammed again. If you skip over anything, let alone this entire post, it's a loss on your part as you would miss out on pretty vital truths and advice.
    Please read the whole goddamn message before replying critically or negatively to it. I addressed as much as I could regarding what's written in it, its historic responses, and the whole scamming ordeal itself.
    »»——————————————————————- ✼ —————————————————————-««
    You got scammed? Well, too bad. You should not have posted about it on the forums. However:
    This message is inclusive to all scammed situations, including being kicked and/or insided from your own co-op. If there are some things mentioned that you already know, that's good for you.

    If a friend got scammed, simply interpret the subject "you" as "your friend". This message also looks different on mobile. This message is also not automated by a program; it's manually sent to scammed threads at my discretion. Yes, it annoys me to no end that I have to wait 20 seconds before posting on another scammed thread, but there is indeed an obvious reason for this cooldown.

    Before calling me a mini-mod, or accusing me of trying to apply for staff on Hypixel, I have no reason nor incentive to apply for any Hypixel staff position. You do not see Hypixel staff members respond to scammed/insided threads as detailed as this post. These victims of scams need to learn so that they can work their way back from their incident, and grow as individuals.

    However, there is no need to be overly negative to these victims of scams, so this message is structured in a more positive, but serious tone. Other people, in general, are usually colder and/or more off-topic in their responses to scammed threads.

    Introduction - Insight of why many of us hate scammed threads:
    You cannot public shame by stating the scammer's name because it violates the forum rules, not like this matters. It is unlikely that you would get your post removed for that rule break. Does it sound like scammers are protected by the public shaming rule? Yeah, these rules are strange.
    If you mentioned a pronoun that is masculine or feminine, ask yourself: Do you, yourself, actually know if the scammer is male or female? Not like this matters, either. It amuses me that some people assume the gender of the scammer, though not intentionally.

    I genuinely feel bad for you if a true friend exploited you and put you into a scammed situation like that. If that's the case, you shouldn't be friends with that scammer either in game, or in real life. I know how it feels to have a so-called friend manipulate me, but not into a scammed situation.

    The Hypixel Skyblock official rules state that scammers can be banned on Hypixel given video evidence and a report at hypixel.net/report or using /report in game under "Player Disrespect", but there are no statistics that point to scammers actually getting banned or not after the rules were released.
    Moderators and Administrators do not directly tell you whether or not who you reported is banned, so that hints you to assume that scammers do not get banned via reporting, even with sufficient video evidence. So do not ask anyone on the Skyblock forums, be it us or a staff member, to ban the scammer.

    Scammers can get away with doing their job because of what's mentioned above, but that states a lot about their reputation (negatively) and scams will be something to regret later on.

    In every scammed situation, it is entirely your fault for getting scammed because you didn't put enough forethought into your bid/trade/transfer/co-op add, and instead acted too gullible. You cannot trust everyone you meet online, even if they say they are trustworthy. People can lie to you and pretend to help you when, really, they are exploiting you subtly.

    The most you can do is learn from your mistakes and make better choices for the future, especially if you say you got scammed for the 2nd time, 3rd time, etc. If that is the case, you really need to stop trading and learn how to avoid every scam very well.

    "You can make a million mistakes in your life. But never the same one twice." - Some tennis player that made a memoir (I don't remember his/her name). Obviously take this quote with a grain of salt.
    "They put the 'fun' in 'No Refunds'!" - Grunkle Stan, 2013
    Yes, that means you will not get refunded for items/money/profiles you lost because of a scam. Technically, you could have lied just to get more money; very popular YouTubers get special treatment because they promote this server.

    And if you did post proof, make sure that the video is visable by setting it to Unlisted or Public. That way, you can use that as evidence when you report your scammer. Only you and a whitelist of e-mails can see private videos.

    The SkyblockZ discord has an official scammer list. There, you can actually report scammers to a staff member (via DM, I think) with video evidence.
    Use the Windows Key + Alt + R to record a video or use OBS (free software) and set the scene to Minecraft for recording a video. Shotcut, Windows Movie Maker, and Hitfilm Express are solid tools to edit your videos with, if needed. This invite link may be removed if problems with it arise.

    Next time, you can:
    - Look closely at the item you're buying/trading to check if it's a bad deal (ex. Superior Leather Chestplate, a weapon has Knockback II, 3M midas' instead of 50M midas'). If the scammer declined the trade, and hosted it again, check the item the scammer is giving you and check if it's the same one you were promised. This is a common scam method.

    - Use a resource pack with MCPatcher CIT to disambiguate different weapons with the same vanilla texture. You can make your own or install Skyblock-themed resource packs if you can find them. Ex: Those resource packs provide different textures for Aspects of the Dragons and Aspects of the End.

    - Only buy via the auction house/NPCs and trade for items equal in value for what you want with other players. Every time someone offers you a deal where you pay ½ via the auction house, get the item, then pay the other ½, it will be a scam against you, even if the other party says it's fair.

    - NOT /coopadd anyone you don't know! Now you know that someone's being malicious if they're saying "/coopadd me, I have a midas' sword/full superior/maxed aotd, or I can give you free coins!", or any other offer. It's weird that you can get kicked out of a co-op you created; some scammers have alts, or abuse the fact that you cannot kick anyone from a 2 person co-op.

    - Enchant things/craft things/brew potions yourself instead of getting folks to do it for you. If you give people your items for them to craft, brew, or enchant what you want, the other party is not obligated to trade with you again, thus robbing you of your items. (I am guilty of having people on SkyblockZ craft things for me, though I have not been scammed.)

    - Grind EXP (it isn't hard) and level up your collections yourself if you need particular recipes. If you do grind materials via minions/farms, you will get enough collection EXP way before you have enough materials to craft what you need to craft. (Separated from the previous list item because of reading complications.)

    - Only transfer with trusted friends!! Though there have been incidents of true friends scamming before.

    - If an actual friend scammed you, stop being friends with that person in game and/or in real life.

    - Do the Pacer Test

    - Play Raid Shadow Legends

    - Read the Bee Movie script

    - Research the human brain, the human lungs and natural selection

    - Ride a dolphin in Mario Kart Wii

    - Read classic novels/watch classic movies from the Harry Potter series or the Lord of the Rings series.

    - Get the Hypixel Zombies Community DLC for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. ;) I would link a video, but it would be considered an advertisement.

    - Bake Cheesecake

    - Like this post that I spent a lot of time on revising; I made this back in mid-December!

    Closing Remarks:
    Be fortunate that you didn't get scammed in real life; being scammed is an important and classic life lesson most people should learn. It is also important to learn to not flat-out quit after something tragic happens. What you should do after getting scammed is work your way back by grinding the money/profile/items you lost. Additionally, you may have learned how wisely you should have picked friends. These lessons are part of the beauty of life. Enjoy this cheesecake:
    Revision 2.2
    Last Revised:
    Valentine's Day, 2020

    Copyright © 2019-2020 Shiny Till Dawn, The Luminous Beacon. You are free to redistribute this message, but a simple copy-paste of this will not produce a complete replica. Beware, this gets updated frequently!
    »»———————————————————————- ✼ —————————————————————-««
  9. Nor did anyone ask for your replies. Nor did anyone ask for me to reply saying how no one asked for your replies. This will continue forever, so the best thing is to just not comment at all.
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