1. I have no proof of it happening, I don't know who did it but can I have my 11 billion coins back ;) I promise, it really did happen.
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  2. LOL you don't have any screen shot you r a LIAR
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  3. How is it even possible losing that money unless you jump down void with 22 bill but you r lying
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  4. anzechris

    anzechris Well-Known Member

    ur not funny
  5. it really (maybe) happened believe me
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  6. It's a joke...
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  7. im (somewhat) telling the (stretched) truth
  8. NOPE you r a new player to SkyBlock and just wanna have 11 billion coins LOL you r such a BIG FAT LIAR
  9. I think you just want people to rate your post funny...
  10. uWu someone thinks im lying
  11. Good luck!
  12. Well obviously I mean you don't have a screen shot of you even had 11 bill out of your bank if someone did hack your account and you provided no evidence of you ever had 11 bill in your bank just PLEASE stop posting lies.
  13. I just replying for no reason lol
  14. it was a joke chill
  15. op made the bait out of metal and you still bit it
  16. r/wooosh--
  17. Oh no!!!!i just jump in to the void and lost 30billion! I want it back !!!!
  18. I know I just wanna reply for my fourm profile lol

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