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  1. Yes!!!

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  2. Nope silly

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  1. So I counted my money and I have 21.66 dollars, so what rank can I get? (Ps I’m 9!)

    edit : I’m probably going with vip+ and I wish their were - ranks like vip- mvp-
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  2. I don't know.
    Check the store.
  3. Save it to buy a new game!
  4. Wait no you were asking for a rank, uh.

    VIP. You’ll still have some money left over too!
  5. Ok I checked and I can get vip+ or a tower defense game I always wanted
    If I get vip+ I would be able to get a WIIU game I wanted, or even get a switch game, or the SSBU DLC fighters? (While one or 2)
  6. But I will wait until I move
    Edit 1 : I’m moving soon so I will just wait because my parents are stressed
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  7. So thoughtful! I can tell that you used to be a steve!
  8. A Steve? I had a hero brine skin before I went this skin but I only had Steve when I was on single player.
  9. Ye your default skin was a steve
  10. Ok I only had Steve skin before I had dea- I stayed up to late lemme rephrase that,

    I only used Steve before going to multiplayer (I was going to say dead body because first thing I did was kill a dude)
  11. fawfgaw

    fawfgaw Member

    damn ur rich
  12. Cheese, that’s random money
  13. save and get mvp+
  14. It’s random money I have no allowance so that will be hard
  15. Oof alright
  16. So idk if the people who left the house will have mvp+ amount of money laying around lol
  17. Man
    Get 3,5 coins more and get MVP in ingame store (buy 2500 gold)
    You will get items worth 100 dollars in starter bundle
  18. Save it for later uses. A new rank or game that you are interested in might come up.

    Or even better! Save it for your college fees

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