1. I casually attempted to try to play zombies with a No kill count, #2 Work In progress, Expect Updates - With every new attempt, I'll shorten the Previous Images to 1 per Attempt, for a full Completion; Likely a Re-post as well.

    Attempt One: Speed Run, short on time. Round 30 / 37 minutes total - Special Thanks: Frogish, Cheezboy, & Tqrm -

    Attempt Two: Took our Time, Late night. Round 29 / 43 minutes total - Special Thanks: eenile, MinecraftPhysics, & tsmg -
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  2. whats the purpose of this post?
    I mean when I used to play this game I can solo to your rounds
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  3. that's nice, also why do people always ask for a purpose? There's no purpose, to have fun and see what I can do with a Twist, personally i don't care what you or I can or can't do, just did it for the fun of it, but congrats i guess for showing off?
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  4. sue me if you want but how exactly did you play solo, when it was in ptl? or did you have 3 alts or something join and just leave just to be cool, and then, why? what would be the purpose of that attempt?
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  5. somebody explain to this guy what are solos
  6. Interesting idea.
  7. Solo is when you are alone in the game. When people are experienced enough they often try solo to get better or for fun.
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  8. Okay im not a complete idiot, i may be an idiot but not a complete one. Im asking how exactly one plays solos, not what the hell solos is lol
  9. You ask for a strategy, how we constitute what is a solo, or how to get into a solo game?
  10. and here comes the shiny
  11. what I guess this guy is doing is to let his friends trio while he does nothing and look cool
  12. Solo means having 1 person in the game, so 3 people leave.. so it is a solo game. A real solo means that the people leave in the first 5 seconds though.
  13. Or even, they get 0 kills and don't distract you. Start a conversation w/ me, Percy or Piter if you want some help with strategies.
  14. "Piter"
    made me laugh tbh (maybe he became a lot better but all I heard about him is negative comments of how of an actual child he is)
    whatever, imagine still maining this game
    idk why I am talking in arcade anyway I got nothing better to do, sb forums is shit rn
  15. puffleman3

    puffleman3 Active Member

    this is literally playing the game without actually playing... this isnt casual its straight up stupid lol

    if you wanted to run around and not get kills you may as well play uhc/bsg/literally any pvp game
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  16. This is fr funny and sarcastic but I love it lol
  17. BigChungus

    BigChungus Well-Known Member

    When I afk Zombies to grind arcade coins, nons can get to higher rounds.
  18. Sir, unfortunately this is no speedrun tho nice attempt

    Also uhm... no kill count... that‘s basically *Getting carried in Hypixel Zombies challenge*
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  19. probably
  20. probably, thats the point, they speedrun while i get all the hate on the hypixel forums, seems like a win win

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