1. I am sorry for the thread I made.

    No one took it as a joke, but took it serious.

    I am sorry :/ D;

    Now let me be and stop reminding me on it.
  2. Ok

    No need to make a thread about it

    But ok
  3. Well no one reads replys before they read the thread
  4. That’s not true
    Whoever said that lied
  5. Ok
  6. Oh god the yellow text has just burned my eyes

    Thanks -.-
  7. We didn’t take it as a joke cause there’s too many joke threads nowadays it gets tiring
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  8. Yeah. That is how I feel about red.

    Thanks -.-
  9. At least red doesn’t burn eyes and is legible

  10. Woohoo! The thread was deleted!
  11. I'll keep that in mind for they "Why is SinfulAlex too active" thread xD
  12. lol too many jokes xd
  13. stonehead55

    stonehead55 Active Member

    whatd u do bud?
  14. Im embarrassed to say.
    I made a joke thread about why Hypixel isn't active. I said "He doesn't have a life so he plays minecraft all day." Ofcourse he has a life, but it's a joke thread. And obviously everyone took it seriously
  15. AAaaaa My eyes
  16. stonehead55

    stonehead55 Active Member

    actually I remember a post by him saying he didn't have a life because he took his work and business so seriously

    but yeah, ur post was literally nothing bad and the only people mad at u for it are the ones ashamed of the fact they spend their entire life playing a game made for children
  17. I really dont give a damn. As long as its a joke I really dont care if anyone insults someone lmao.
  18. At least that’s why rather than the other reason
  19. I
    Im enjoying this :)

  20. lol

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