1. I am just bored and I just wanna answer questions. If you have any questions about everything (including opinions, jokes etc) I will try my best to answer.

    Also I will accept joke questions here don’t worry, but I would rather to answer questions About the gameplay more

    Also Ima leave in like 5 minutes so I will answer rest of the questions tomorrow
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  2. isn’t the wise nerf just great
  3. NO

    At least it would be better when magic dmg gets fixed
  4. Are you a man?
    And what would you choose? 50mil midas or full godly superior
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  5. I am neither a man or a woman, I am just not a wise dragon
    Ok I am a man XD

    50mil midas for sure
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  6. HolyKobu

    HolyKobu Active Member

    What are we
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  7. numb3r_one_

    numb3r_one_ New Member

    Does diamond spreading/minion expander change minions speed?
  8. Can I have your stuff?
  9. I have never dated a chicken, you must’ve recognized a wrong person
    Diamond spreading gives 10% chance for every item produced to produce an extra diamond, and it doesn’t add speed

    While Minion expander adds 5% (or 10%, I have forgotten) speed to the minion, still it is mainly used for the extra range
    Simple answer: No

    Relatively more complicated answer:
    No you begger
  10. Shit, i have more questions I forgot :
    1. What slayer is better? Taran or Sven
    2. Are slayer minions good? I heard that they are the same with normal minions but they drop diamonds or smt?
    3. How many eyes should I place to get good loots and profitable? 2? 3?
    4. Should we buff AOTD?
    5. Coop or solo?
  11. HolyKobu

    HolyKobu Active Member

    But have u ever dated a chick?
  12. 1. To be honest it depends, personally I don’t do slayers that much but I’d rather to do svens (but svens are harder and you may want to get tarantula set for dragon fights)
    2. They drop more base loot than regular mobs spawned by minions, so I guess they are better? (But way more expensive)
    3. Not to summon drags is the best option, still I would suggest placing 3 cuz you may get outdamaged by the superiors and tarantulas
    4. Buff it’s kb so easier to steal eye zealots
    5. Solo unless you coop with someone irl that you can beat them up easily
  13. ...
    N E V E R
  14. numb3r_one_

    numb3r_one_ New Member

    Approx year of hypixel implementing a way to withdraw money from bank again without being at the bank? :eek:
  15. Would you give Simon a big slap?
  16. uwulord420

    uwulord420 Well-Known Member

    why so many hong kong people on skyblock lol
    [no offense i dont hate em or anything im not winnie the pooh tho]
  17. Whats your money making strat?
  18. uwulord420

    uwulord420 Well-Known Member

    also what are you going to do with your wise set? are you keeping it for like OGness or just going to hold onto it till hypixel stops bullying the set into the ground?
    are you going to use your strong set now and be in the #stronggang cause of the DAMN 75% AOTE BUFF
    most importantly are you in on the whole ender non genocide
    and what will you do if you see an ender vip ender mvp and so on
  19. zKqrr

    zKqrr Active Member

    Ignited IGNITE
    What is your favorite colour and food?
  20. 5 years, roughly
    I mean skyblock and bedwars are great so nah
    Cuz HK is already one of the most freedom city in China (no firewall yay) and all of us here are addicted gamers...

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