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    Even for most of minigames that are in arcade games, like:

    Galaxy wars
    Prop hunt
    and most of games!
    Why the developers are really slow? and why every hypixel minigames and modality arent easy?
    This server is made for fun but has only hard minigame, is fun if every minigames are hard?

    I can build a amazing bedwars map in only 4 hours and even in solo (But with world edit and mc edit) and developers took like 1 month and 1 year to build and add a map.

    I hope the developers get more and more fast.

    Thank @Percy84 for that screen
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  2. They care exclusively for Bedwars, Murder Mysterious, Skywars, and Capture the Wool these days, as they satisfy most of the schoolkids who play Hypixel.

    But yeah, I want to see some love for Mega Walls and Zombies!! Someone from Zombise League should apply for Game Developer!~
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  3. diggerBram

    diggerBram Active Member

    the admins are trying their best and prioritizing the games with more players since those make them more money (also that meme was made by @overlordx999 )
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  4. Zombies got a major update about 3 months after its release. Most Arcade games haven't been updated at all since their release and it definitely shows with all of the little things adding up. Honestly though, the updates have been pretty balanced server-wide, and updates to games like Bedwars/Skywars seem like quick and easy ones. Honestly, I'd be happy enough if they just gave Arcade as a whole an actual leaderboard for each game.
  5. you just took the picture that i posted in the other thread meh

    and for mr disturbed, when zombies got released they removed 5/6 of the game but if you call that an update, arcade received 3 updates during summer but lol
    but i agree on the fact that zombies does not need an update, for "alien arcadium update" we waited 1 year so oof but now with the difficulties and the 3 maps we don't really need more
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  6. Solo and duo mode? i want they add that option!
    In alien arcadium the "Lighting rod" skill sometimes glitch the zombies and they get still alive! and they will only be possible to kill with sword.
    In alien arcadium the diamond chestplate cost 100000 golds and its boring and annoying! i think the diamond chestplate should cost 80000 or 50000 because you cant get it before round 60 and without ultimated pistol and shotgun!
    In alien arcadium the leaboards is glitched as hell!
    And in dead end the fire bullets perk its terribly useless they need to get buffed so much!
    Flamethrower is just the worst weapon, it in a future update should do a bit area damage and improve more clips when ultimated.

    We need the "You won" words after beats round 105 in alien arcadium or add more rounds!

    These are only some of all the problems!
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  7. How'd they remove 5/6 of the game? I honestly haven't played the game enough to know they even did that.
  8. diggerBram

    diggerBram Active Member

    cant get all you want in life
  9. diggerBram

    diggerBram Active Member

    so we had 2 maps 1 got taken out to fix it for multiple months so we had 1 map on normal hard and rip and endless mode with the same 3 modes when it got moved to arcade(the "release") we got the second map back but hard and rip and endless were removed so we had 2 options then we got the update at the end of summer were we got hard and rip back(not endless) and a new endless map that was very different in style and a lot of people didnt like because it is pretty much hold shift in a corner
  10. That's always been part of the Zombies meta of any map
    Just bug fixes, a lot of them, especially for 1.13.1 users.
    You're already in the Zombies league, so you have all the power to start a solo/duo in your hands.
    It's called "following the meta". You are supposed to use those guns to get an r54 chestplate because of their gold output per kill. Rolling for the meta weapons asap will net you less overall gold when using them. Chestplate's price is perfect as it is; it also encourages players to advance on extra health (granted not exactly part of the meta; you go to level 3 after leggings, tops).
    Too long? Do remember: There is a meta to Alien Arcadium; you must follow it to actually perform well in the map. See, comments like this just hint that you're not going to conform to the meta or that you don't know it.
  11. bug fixes arent update, just patches, with our new speedrun strats we know that we can do at least -30 second to all our of dead end speedrun records, there still it the goal to win in solo dead end in hard and the speedrun duo and trios, we still have tons of things to do why do you want an update xd
    and we should thank hypixel developpers for creating zombies and not blaming them, I used to blame them but now I know what they've done and you should stop

    for mr disturbed, we had 12 modes, at the release they removed 10 so we only had 2 modes (the normal difficulty in story mode for the two maps)
  12. diggerBram

    diggerBram Active Member

    yes but aa has a lot more of it
    I totally agree since they just removed those other ptl games
  13. That does sound like quite a bit to remove. Granted, they could've left it as is like most other Arcade games, like I said. Do you know what was so wrong with it that they removed it in the first place?
  14. diggerBram

    diggerBram Active Member

    mostly bug fixes and I think server space seeing how they changed the way you get into a hard/rip game
  15. The reason to remove Hard/RIP/Endless for both maps was because it was really costly to run 100 servers for each indiv. mode, and very few people were playing those modes then.
    Also, most people (aka causual arcade noobs) play the normal modes.
  16. I think endless mode should bring back, and be possible to play only with 4 players in a party, but the new endless in dead end and bad blood should has the same difficult to normal, and in round 101 should spawn world ender (Alley in Dead end, and Courtyard in Bad blood), and rounds 102-105 The misterious zombie.
  17. You want to know the real "endless mode" for Dead End/Bad Blood, @xMikyGamingYT? Play RIP mode by yourself; it is not possible to win either map.
  18. We use to have endless for dead end and bad blood in the 3 difficulties, there were 150 rounds with boss all 5 rounds. I think too that they maybe should add the endless option like for the difficulties if you are in a party of 4 but the problem for endless it's that the servers won't be available because you will still be playing on them so potentially less servers BUT it's only for the people who want (and who will be aware of this feature) in a party of 4 so that's a very small part of the zombies community.
  19. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Hypixel doesn't have to update games filled with nons daily, that doesn't make them any money
  20. ASW


    ASW Active Member

    Goal GOAL
    Nons are the ones that will buy ranks. The vast majority of purchases are on ranks. People who have ranks will mostly not spend anymore money.
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