1. I've made a post about this topic already, which you can read here, but in this post I just want to show what is actually happening. Keep in mind that I did not pick out only the laggy lobbies, these are all consecutive Skywars games that I played in, and the last two pics are from Skywars' lobbies that I joined at random. Every single lobby and match of every gamemode is like this currently.

    Important: 5 Bars = 1 - 150ms
    4 Bars = 150 - 300ms
    3 Bars = 300 - 600ms
    2 Bars = 600 - 1,000ms
    1 Bar = 1,000ms+

    EDIT: for the people who are saying "I see this every single day" and such, that doesn't make it ok. Hypixel needs to implement regions. We shouldn't have to deal with 150-600+ ping all the time. They have the recourses to do so, and I dont know why they haven't yet, though its probably likely they haven't because people aren't asking for it on the forums. I see people complain in-game a lot, but not enough on the forums.

    2019-04-16_01.52.17.png 2019-04-16_01.54.36.png 2019-04-16_01.56.34.png 2019-04-16_01.58.08.png 2019-04-16_02.00.46.png 2019-04-16_02.16.35.png 2019-04-16_02.17.02.png
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  2. How does this show the server is decaying?
  3. I see this every single day, definitely not “decay”.
  4. I know right! That is what I am confused about...
  5. This has been going on for a good while now, but I remember that 4 bar players used to be exceedingly rare.
  6. This is extremely incorrect and my own ping proves that. My bars will jump from 5 to 1 while staying at the same ms, so you shouldn't really be basing it off of them.
  7. If that's happening, its a client-side bug. All the ping examples in those pictures are server-side (excluding mine), meaning it relays the exact information the server receives.
  8. This is simply due to Hypixel changing their host to Canada. My ping hasn’t really changed since it already was 100+
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  9. Ah ok, I have been wondering why it happened so abruptly and out of the blue, though I know this must've happened a while ago because it has been going on for so long. Its nice to know the cause of the issue. Thank you.
  10. its not decaying because ive seen 15+ people in lobbies with 1,2,3 bars in 2015
  11. How do you know this? I'm just curious since I haven't seen an admin mention it or anything
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  12. I mean the forums is a good example of this. It says CA before the url while it used to say NA.
  13. Oh true I hadn't noticed that
  14. idk what rock you have been living under,but 4 bars player aren't rare
    you do know that are other continents other than the USA,right?
  15. I’ve seen people with like 3-4 bars moving around as if they had 100ms tho.
  16. AShinyGiratina

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    There are more pingers than regular players nowadays. It sucks, but we have to deal with that annoyance.
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    Infamy INFAMY
    I'm not agreeing with whatever your point was but yesterday today and all of last week has been hell for me. Everyone is teleporting around. I dropped from diamond to iron in one day in ranked because of it. It's not my client or my isp and I know that for a fact so idek hypixel wyd
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  18. The USA is a country, not a continent. Of course I know there are other countries/continents, read the edit on the original post please.
  19. I don't think they were ever rare... Even if they were that doesn't mean their ping was based off your graph of it
  20. excuse you?
    what does the 2nd one read? xD

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