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    Dear Hypixel community,

    I've been going on a few peoples profile pages, and I see that some players do not have the privilege of having a Minecraft account, to go on Hypixel with, or go on multiplayer with, etc. I really do not like this. Which is why I am giving away free minecraft accounts, that are full access and yours to keep and play on. If staff want me to take this down, I will definitely do this. But I am just doing this to see if the player count boosts, and to help provide a wonderful experience to other players. And if any staff members have a specific name such as...(I'm using you Green. :p.) the name Green. If you want I can get you the account Green, or an OG account, for yours to keep, etc. Don't be shy community, no shame in asking or wondering about anything. I'm just doing this for the community. I hope you all have a wonderful day.


  2. Keith5196

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    Bumping this thread.
  3. Literally everyone in the forums here has a minecraft account. Just because someone doesn't have their account linked doesn't mean they don't have an account. As lots of people want to keep their stats private and lots of people just don't bother with it. It's nice your doing this but I don't expect anyone to post on this that doesn't have a minecraft account. I have never seen anyone here that doesn't have a minecraft account, and I've been here a while.
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    I'll take five

    I definitely don't already have an account or anything

    i'm desperate
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  5. I understand that your intentions are most likely simply to be helpful, unfortunately that isn't something we can allow on our website. We do not recommend to obtain a Minecraft Account via any other means than purchasing one for Mojang as that would leave your Minecraft Account with little to no security, not to mention that the trading or sales of accounts isn't supported by Mojang EULA.

    If you have any further question, or simply want to discuss the situation, please feel free to contact me via private conversation. ;)
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