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  1. One complaint I see with the Hypixel forums is that there are no forum rules, and it has been like this since the forums started. Hypixel staff have constantly been saying that forum rules are coming out, but they haven't. In my opinion, I feel like the staff are aware of this, but they aren't willing to work on the rules for some reason. I get that staff have lives like we do, but I don't understand what is hard about having loads of time (many years now) to just have a block of text on a website. They constantly say that the rules are being worked on, but they are yet to release. The staff need to give us a final date for when they are being made, and possibly listen and interact with the forums community to have the best and most fair rules possible. Because at the moment, people are still necroposting, making goodbye threads that are getting locked (which by the way, I do not understand why those aren't even aloud), and public shaming.
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  2. If you need rules in order to know whats right and wrong I would suggest a dose of get off the internet
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    Can I have a reason for why it was moved exactly?
  5. I don't see any reason why things such as goodbye threads are not allowed. Besides, many people (some do it on purpose ik) have posted not knowing there were 'rules' on what they could and could not post.
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    But you do need rules or else everyone will dose off doing whatever they want. It's like what would happen to a discord server if they didn't have rules. Oh, and by the way, goodbye threads are not allowed because they can start drama with a well-known forumer leaving and then others start to leave, then people jump onto the bandwagon.
  7. It's almost as if the reason is in the message you posted. :thinking:
    Leaving threads aren't allowed on many other forums as well. More often than not the person comes back. The forums already have profiles and conversations, these platforms should be used to discuss with other users who will actually care if you leave. Otherwise it is just another person with a useless thread clogging the already clogged forums.
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  8. Not necessarily what’s right and wrong, but what can and can’t be done. Let’s use a sport for example. My sport is swimming so that's what I'm gonna use.

    In an IM on the freestyle leg we can not do underwater kicks on our backs. If this rule was not outlined, then people could get in trouble for doing it, but not know they can't.

    Similar to our underwater rule situation, if a specific rule was not outlined on here, that was quite particular, people could break it and get in trouble for it. They could have loose rules, and say use common sense, which would make my point useless, however, a Minecraft server forums isn't usually expecting users to be adult.
  9. Hey there!

    I understand your concerns, however the current rules were made specifically with the forums in mind alongside in-game. However, there is an "extension" to the rules that further clarifies some areas that players find confusing in regards to the forums. There is no set time frame for this, however if you feel you have a suggestion for what to do add you can make a support ticket and discuss it with Kessie. :)
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