1. Do a Smash Heros tournament. It might revive the game for a little while. Or you could do The Walls. It's a pretty fun gamemode that no one plays.
  2. Oh yes, I'm totally up for a competitive challenge!!! I'm really good at solo normal, oh wait its op, not normal. Well I guess I'll still have lots of fun. Right? Good luck to all!
  3. skyclash tournament when?
    yes I knew it would be worth it to spend all that time maxing out all the skyclash perks
    lol jk (but it would help revive the game)
  4. Cool!
    Im not very good at skywars but I will try
  5. YES!!!! I cant wait to play this! I will probably do terrible though lol.
  6. FO0T

    FO0T Active Member

    MyGeeks GEEKS
    HYPE :D
  7. Beware the Ides of March
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  8. What if you made a solo crazy practice mode so players without kits will have the next week to practice
    just kinda seems fair @Minikloon
  9. Why dose sw tournery gives out sw exp and bw tounery dose not give us bw exp?
  10. MySpeed

    MySpeed Well-Known Member

    Defiant D
    How will the inevitable swarm of cheaters be dealt with? There should be extra mods on hand spectating the games.
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  11. Im playing a Skywars tournament for Blitz coins lol
  12. This is pretty nice
  13. Most hyped up tournament bro, maps go hardddd. March 15 :)
  14. I'm hyped!

    I got a question about the perk: do you have to crithit a player wearing a diamond piece to get the 20% chance on 20% extra damage, or is a normal hit sufficient.
  15. ill start up my screen recorder for da hackaz
  16. Yay Sky Wars, a game I'm actually good at. Time to become a master ;)
  17. H1Ds

    H1Ds New Member

    Hearts HEARTS
    Its hard that playing without Bulldozer perk actually:thinking:

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