1. ggs
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  2. I have to say, this was by far the most enjoyable tournament I've participated in so far. The bracket system actually did a good job splitting people by skill, there wasn't really a huge cheating problem like the last two, and it was a lot less sweaty as well. Hopefully the next tournament will be as good as this one :)
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  3. This tournament gave me a headache
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  4. yea me too.
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  5. I had fun...
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  6. Only problem in this tournament was people farming masters, purposefully getting second to not get sent to grand masters, because grand masters is unrewarding for not getting top 3. To sum up, you could get more points farming masters getting second then fighting in grand masters and not getting top 3. Maybe make grand-masters kills 2 instead of 1?
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  7. GG

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