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  1. I really feel we need leaverbusters for people who leave at the start of games for no reason
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  2. NoOOOoooOooOoOooooo

    IM on vacation

    Btw good luck to everyone
  3. yay.....
  4. Dude this tournament isn't even fair, I mean, I like the game and all but, the matchmaking and the point awarding/subtracing system is very rigged. If you leave ur teammates to lose, you get the same punishment but if you try but ur teammate is a troll or something you get punished for that too. I have also gotten into a 4v6 situation where I was placed in a team of 4 and the opposition team had 6 players.
  5. This game is decent in concept, but the way it's done is HORRIBLE. If you have bad ping, your bullets literally go THROUGH people, the matchmaking is complete BS, you're literally paired with a party of tryhards no matter what division your in. And your teamates DISCONNECT WITH NO PUNISHMENT if you lose even 1 freaking round, and SO MANY PEOPLE are hacking.
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  6. Are there anyone who played more than 80 games
  7. TheElasticTuba

    TheElasticTuba Well-Known Member

    I do agree with this. Maybe not leaverbuster in terms of bans, but perhaps leaving a set number of games (preferably low like 2-3) could remove your ability to play for the rest of the tournament (and potentially the next tournament as well).

    It's understandably upsetting to be taking the tournament competitively, just to end up in a 2v5 in a game that just started.
  8. Yeah, maybe each game somebody leaves it puts a strike on their account, and depending on the number of strikes the wait time increases to join a game.
    For instance:
    leave one game (5 min cooldown)
    leave two games (20 min cooldown)
    leave three games (1 hour cooldown)
    not sure, something that would discourage people from leaving would be good.
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  9. Honestly I'd like to see regular CvC be more like this. In game, anyway. Upgrades just make it completely unfair and unplayable for those who would be interested in it.
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  10. Shots seem broken at times, but i guess tribute is nice.
  11. this is amazing and shots do seem broke
  12. My god was there wallers f5ers and people with aimbot ,but hey overall not to bad n1 hypixel.
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