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    Hello everyone!

    Today we are announcing our second tournament: Blitz Survival Games - Duo.
    If you don't know about tournaments or the Tournament Hall, or if you'd like to know more about some of the terms in this post, make sure to take a look at the first tournament post.

    How to participate?
    The Blitz Duo tournament will take place on January 4th.
    It will last 48 hours total, from 6:00 PM EST January 4 to 6:00 PM EST January 6.

    There will be a Tournament Mode NPC in the Blitz lobby (aswell as the Tournament Hall).

    Continue reading to view all the details!

    Tournament Rules

    There will be 3 brackets in this tournament: Starter, Conqueror and Champion. As usual, brackets serve for matchmaking. In higher brackets, you fight better players, but also earn more points! We will also be doing some matchmaking within the starter bracket.

    In order to advance in a bracket, you will have to win a game. You will stay in your bracket if your team manages to score enough Tournament Points during a game.

    Players earn Tournament Points from wins and kills.

    Kills are shared in your team. Assists (as defined in Blitz, requires 50% of the damage dealt on a player) count the same as kills.

    If you play with the same player for the whole tournament, you both will have the same amount of points.

    Starter Bracket:
    Win: +10 Points
    Kill: +2 Points
    Loss: -2 Points
    Win = Instant promotion to Conqueror Bracket.
    Anything else = Stay in Starter Bracket

    Conqueror Bracket
    Win: +15 Points
    Kill: +3 Points
    Loss: -2 Points
    Win = Instant promotion to Champion Bracket.
    Your team earned at least 1 Points total: You stay in Conqueror Bracket
    Your team earned 0 Points or less: Demotion to Starter Bracket

    Champion Bracket:

    Win: +25 Points
    Kill: +5 Points
    Loss: -4 Points
    Win = You stay in Champion Bracket
    Your team earned at least 6 Points total: You stay in Champion Bracket
    Your team earned 5 Points or less: Demotion to Conqueror Bracket

    NOTE: The total points at the end of a game include your negative points. This means in Conqueror Bracket, your team only needs to score 1 kill (or assist) in order to secure your bracket position.

    The tournament lasts for 48 hours, but each player has a max playtime of 12 hours. This is reduced from 20 in the previous Bed Wars Tournament. From just reading, this might seem like an annoying limitation, but 20 hours was actually very draining on our players. You can now stay competitive in the leaderboards without spending your whole weekend fully playing in the tournament!

    Tournament Mode Tuning
    Blitz is a complex progression-based minigame. In order to make the tournament more accessible while keeping the spirit of the game, we are making a few changes to the Tournament Mode. (the changes will only affect this temporary mode):

    • All games will be played in Duo, 8 teams (16 players per game), regardless of the map.
    • To make the game more dynamic, the kits will be distributed after 30 seconds.
    • Because there are less teams and the games will be shorter, the blitz star will spawn after 2:00.
    To avoid issues in higher brackets with odd-numbered pregames, the game will be able to start with 15 or 16 players.

    The default name-shuffling built into Blitz will be disabled. The tournament skin obfuscation system will be used instead in the Champion bracket.

    Blitz Survival Games has many maps! We decided to shortlist the available maps during the tournament to community favorites:
    • Cattle Drive
    • Shroom Valley
    • Mirador Basin
    • Pixelville
    • Greece
    • Seafloor
    • Hamani
    • Egypt
    • Proxima
    Caelum v2 was excluded because of the void.

    Blitz Stars
    In order to keep the game simple for newcomers and more competitive for veterans, there will be only 4 Blitz Star effects available during the tournament. The following will be available to everyone:
    • Vault Hunter
    • Assassin
    • Sweg Move
    • Nocturne
    All kits will be available to all players for free during the tournament.
    The games will be played in Blitz Hour mode (meaning all kits will be maxed out for everyone).

    Tournament Rewards
    Tributes are the rewards currency of tournaments.

    Your first win will grant +20 Tributes.
    Each win after will reward +10 Tributes.
    Each kill rewards +1 tribute.
    You can gain up to 100 tributes during the tournament.

    There are 5 new items in the Tribute Shop:
    • Kill Counter on Kill toggle: New cosmetic toggle in the Kill Counters menu which will display your total number of kills whenever you kill a player.
    • Blitz Tournament Banner: Expansion to the tournament banner gadget for this tournament.
    • The LinkFour Gadget: Similar to the Tic Tac Toe and Rock Paper Shears gadgets, lets you 1v1 other players in the lobbies at this famous game.
    • Wither Skeleton Pet
    • Pack of 100k Blitz Coins
    You will also be able to purchase rewards from the Bed Wars tournament using tributes you earn during the Blitz tournament.

    Leaderboard rewards
    Tournament Points are the leaderboard currency.
    Ranking on the global leaderboard will earn you huge bonus rewards:

    Top 1-2: 400 Tributes, 3,000,000 Blitz coins, Blaze Pet, 6 Crafted Mystery boxes
    Top 3-4: 350 Tributes, 2,000,000 Blitz coins, Blaze Pet, 6 Crafted boxes
    Top 5-6: 350 Tributes, 1,500,000 Blitz coins, 6 Crafted boxes
    Top 7-12: 300 Tributes, 1,000,000 Blitz coins, 3 Crafted boxes
    Top 50: 250 Tributes, 500,000 Blitz coins, 3 Crafted boxes
    Top 100: 200 Tributes, 300,000 Blitz coins, 3 Crafted boxes
    Top 500: 150 Tributes, 250,000 Blitz coins, 1 random Crafted box
    Top 1000: 100 Tributes, 200,000 Blitz coins, 1 random Crafted box
    Top 2500: 50 Tributes, 100,000 Blitz coins
    You will only match one of those categories (top 1 does NOT add up all the ones below)

    Do I need a party to play?
    You can play solo or with a party.
    When playing solo, you will be matched with another player, unless your game starts with 15 players and you are the odd one out.
    As previously, you will be placed in the bracket of the highest member of the party.

    I have never played Blitz before, will I be on an equal footing?
    Yes! All kits, Blitz effects and kill effects will be available, maxed out, for every player.
    Of course it would help to have some practice in the game before the tournament!

    What about our stats?
    Stats tracking during the tournament will be independent from the regular game.

    Why host a Blitz tournament?
    Blitz has been a staple of the network since its very early days. We'd like to see the impact a tournament has on a more classic game. This tournament is also a wink to our most veteran players and we hope the tournament will envigor the game and let many new players discover it!

    PS: There will be a 3X Blitz coins multiplier during the tournament!
    Blitz Hours will be disabled during the weekend.
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