1. Yep, that is correct.
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  2. Love this but just thought of something.

    80% of bridgers cheat, either using safewalk or autoclickers.
    Hypixel already has lots of trouble banning the people using autoclickers for bridging.
    How will you ban these people? While also making sure your not banning the legit ones like smeks or para.
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  3. My boy minik can stats not be affected as it’s 4v4v4v4?
  4. hm I dont like this, because only players who lives in us or uk will won this, other players dont have chance, because we have bad ping, only us and uk have good ping
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  5. Equipage

    Equipage New Member

    Oh yes, I am Ready! and 100% on grind! HYPE!
  6. Dance

    Dance Well-Known Member

    Cool idea, hopefully this works out better than ranked.

    What I’m not fine with is this post’s formatting, geez. Between only putting a space after the ▶️ only some of the time, this thing (quoted above) and putting no space between the banner and the actual body of the message... smh.
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  7. w1nst0n

    w1nst0n Well-Known Member

    Galex ✪GALEX✪
    Can’t wait!
  8. Sounds cool
  9. H2o__

    H2o__ Active Member

    Well well well this seems pretty cool... BUT

    it also seems pretty sketchy

    Are you encouraging people to play 20 hours of bedwars in 2 days?

    I think it should be something more like a 'proper' knock-out tourney.

    But this may be the only way to do it so everyone get's a fair share

    Few questions:
    Am I correct in saying that it's ranked by player, and you can solo queue if you want? Or do you have to play in a party constantly.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
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  10. I work every other weekend. :( I work from 5am to 5pm five days a week is there a way you can do tournys during the week too for people who can't on the weekends?
  11. iHack

    iHack Active Member

    Raid RAID
    rAnKeD bedwars does NOT promote cheaters
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  12. sounds amazing!
  13. Gonna be so hype to get 12v4'd!
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  14. that will be fun bro
  15. Hopefully there will be a Solo Bedwars tournament next :)
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  16. Should Blaze Pet go to top 4 considering it’s a 4v4v4v4 tournament? I think it would cause some problems if 4 people from the same team all get top 4 but only 3 will get blaze pet.
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  17. Can't wait
  18. WhatsWhat

    WhatsWhat Active Member

    lol next 1000 star during this event?
  19. this is exciting!!!! cant wait yall

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