1. why we don't have a chance to report players in tournament all person are Nicked ( Blue Robot usw) last round we have a person with fly and killaura and lose points
  2. its soooo competitive ILOVEIT!!!
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  3. HYPE and +1,000 LIKES!

    This is very cool and I am glad they did something like it!

    Also, a HUGE downside will be all of the hackers out there. I hope Hypixel pays good attention to these tournament games to be sure it is fair throughout it.
  4. How do you buy the 500 tributes item?
  5. SAME
  6. Really excited to see who wins the first tournament! Looking forward to future tournaments in various other minigames
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  7. And when I though diamond was the second-to-last bracket... I guess I screwed!!!

  8. GG everyone hopefully, everyone had a good time.
  9. hello! i have a question! i bought tournament banner gadget. i dont have that gadget right now! when can i get this gadget?? 2018-11-26_14.29.26.png
    2018-11-26_14.30.34.png i want to get this gadget!!
  10. 好!
  11. deadboi

    deadboi Well-Known Member

    Quacking QUACK
    boi did you just change my name in the quote

    also weird flex but ok
  12. tootiemarlin710

    tootiemarlin710 New Member

    Wow, i'm a new member of this server, though this tournament has passed and I missed it. But i''m also looking forward to the second one on Jan 4th. Happy new year! Also please join my guild:tm710edition. thanks.
  13. Please don't necropost!!
  14. EnchantApple

    EnchantApple New Member

    Bro!!! This is exciting thing with my brother
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  15. ChicksPlayz

    ChicksPlayz Active Member

    necro, ban
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