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    Hello everyone,

    We are very excited to announce a new feature: Hypixel Tournaments.
    Tournaments will be hosted regularly, starting with Bed Wars!

    Tournaments will happen during weekends and everyone can participate!
    Win games, rank on the global leaderboard and earn awesome new rewards!

    Continue reading to view all the details!

    How to participate?

    The first Bed Wars Tournament will take place on November 23.
    It will last 48 hours total, from 6:00 PM EST November 23 to 6:00 PM EST November 25.

    All Bed Wars 4v4v4v4 games will automatically be included in the tournament.
    This means all you have to do to participate in the tournament is play Bed Wars.

    Players will only be able to play 20 hours maximum each.

    (This only includes in game Bed Wars play time, after 1200 minutes of in game time your Tournament progress will be blocked!)

    Tournament Hall

    In order to host tournaments, we will be opening a new lobby, the Tournament Hall.


    The Hall will serve as an all-around hub for all upcoming Tournaments. You will be able to view the global leaderboard, claim rewards and meet players to team up with. You will also be able to leave your mark on the Hall, as all previous tournament Top 100 will be recorded here.

    The Tournament Hall will open a few days before and after each tournament.
    In this case, it will open on Monday the 19th.

    Become the top Hypixel player


    During the tournament, players will earn Tournament Points depending on how well they are playing.
    Points are the skill-based currency* of Tournaments.
    You will be ranked in a Global Leaderboard for the Tournament based on your Points.
    (The player with the most points is #1)
    * Technically not a currency as you cannot spend them.

    Wins, Final Kills and Beds Broken will award points during matches.
    These actions are shared between teammates, meaning all members of a team will earn the same points.
    Your total points will be visible during the tournament and you will always see your place on the global leaderboards.

    The players with the most points at the end of the event will gain extra rewards! (scroll down for rewards)

    Tournament Brackets

    To add a layer of competition, tournaments will have 5 brackets, each awarding different amount of points.

    Starter Bracket » Gold Bracket » Diamond Bracket » Master Bracket » Grandmaster Bracket​

    During the tournament there will be matchmaking based on brackets.
    This means if you are in Diamond Bracket, you will be fighting other Diamond players.
    If you are in a party, it will use the highest bracket in the party for matchmaking.

    Every player starts in the Starter Bracket, from there, every win or loss can move you up or down a bracket.
    A single win, will always move you up a bracket.Unless you are already in the top bracket.
    A loss on the other hand, will not always move you down a bracket.
    If you lost but still had a good game, the system will let you stay in that bracket for the next game.

    The purpose of being in a higher bracket is that these games reward a lot more Points, letting you climb the leaderboards faster. For example, a starter bracket game rewards 10 points per win, while a Grandmaster game rewards 35.

    Starter Bracket:
    Win: +10 Points
    Break Bed: +3 Points
    Final Kill: +1 Point
    Final Death: -1 Point
    Loss: -2 Points
    Win = Instant promotion to Gold Bracket.
    Anything else = Stay in Starter Bracket

    Gold Bracket
    Win: +15 Points
    Break Bed: +3 Points
    Final Kill: +2 Points
    Final Death: -1 Point
    Loss: -2 Points
    Win = Instant promotion to Diamond Bracket.
    Your team earned at least 1 Point total: You stay in Gold Bracket
    Your team earned 0 Points or less: Demotion to Starter Bracket

    Diamond Bracket:

    Win: +20 Points
    Break Bed: +4 Points
    Final Kill: +3 Points
    Final Death: -1 Point
    Loss: -2 Points
    Win = Instant promotion to Master Bracket.
    Your team earned at least 2 Points total: You stay in Diamond Bracket
    Your team earned 1 Point or less: Demotion to Gold Bracket

    Master Bracket:

    Win: +30 Points
    Break Bed: +5 Points
    Final Kill: +3 Points
    Final Death: -1 Point
    Loss: -3 Points
    Win = Instant promotion to Grandmaster Bracket.
    Your team earned at least 3 Points total: You stay in Master Bracket
    Your team earned 2 Points or less: Demotion to Diamond Bracket

    Grandmaster Bracket:
    Win: +35 Points
    Break Bed: +6 Points
    Final Kill: +4 Points
    Final Death: -2 Point
    Loss: -4 Points
    Win = You stay in Grand Master Bracket
    Your team earned at least 5 Points total: You stay in Grandmaster Bracket
    Your team earned 4 Points or less: Demotion to Master Bracket

    NOTE: The total points at the end of a game include your negative points.
    For example in the Gold Bracket, if your team got 2 Final Kills (+4 Points) but you lost (-2 Points) and you got a Final Death (-1 Point), this adds up to a total of +1 Point. Which means you will stay in the Gold Bracket.

    Unlock unique rewards

    The main source of rewards during each tournament will be Tributes.
    Tributes are the rewards currency.

    Your first win will grant +10 Tributes, each subsequent win grants +3 Tributes.
    Each Bed Broken by a player on your team grants +1 Tribute.
    You can only gain up to 100 Tributes this way during the tournament.

    Tributes are designed to let you build your legacy (and collection of bling) across multiple tournaments.
    If you don't spend your Tributes, you will keep them for a future tournament.


    You will be able to spend your tributes in the Tournament Hall at the Tournament Shop.
    We built 7 items for this first tournament and will be adding more in future tournaments.

    • Bed Wars Loot Chest: Can be purchased multiple times.
    • Tournament Banner Gadget: Gadget showing position in the tournament.
    • Bedward Island Topper: In game cosmetic showing your position in the Bed Wars Tournament.
    • Glorious Bed Wars Kill message: It shows your Final Kills when you get one!
    • Tournament Lobby Cloak: Prestige Cosmetic - The Archangel Cloak
    • Lobby Friend Punching: Ability to punch your own friends in lobbies!
    • Bed Wars EXP Perk: Permanently increases your Bed Wars EXP gain by 5%

    But wait, there's more!

    You can also gain more rewards from ranking on the Global Leaderboard.
    Top players earn massive Tribute stacks, absurd amounts of coins and Crafted Mystery Boxes.
    The top 3 players earn the ridiculously rare Blaze Pet.

    The breakdown:
    Top 1: 450 Tributes, 2,000,000 BW coins, Blaze Pet, 6 Crafted Mystery boxes
    Top 2: 400 Tributes, 1,000,000 BW coins, Blaze Pet, 6 Crafted boxes
    Top 3: 350 Tributes, 1,000,000 BW coins, Blaze Pet, 6 Crafted boxes
    Top 4-10: 300 Tributes, 500,000 BW coins, 3 Crafted boxes
    Top 50: 250 Tributes, 200,000 BW coins, 3 Crafted boxes
    Top 100: 200 Tributes, 150,000 BW coins, 3 Crafted boxes
    Top 500: 100 Tributes, 100,000 BW coins, 1 random Crafted box
    Top 1000: 50 Tributes, 50,000 BW coins, 1 random Crafted box
    You will only match one of those categories (top 1 does NOT add up all the ones below)
    The ranking rewards will only be issued after filtering the leaderboard from rule breakers.

    The trim of the cloak depends on your + color (defaults to red)


    Can I play with a party?
    Yes! You can play with anyone you want.
    Keep in mind you will be placed in the Bracket of the highest member of the party. For example if you have a Grandmaster player in your party, the match will take place in the Grandmaster Bracket, so be careful you who queue with!
    Party size will be capped at 4 players during the tournament.

    What happens if I win or lose a game in a different bracket than mine?
    The same rules will apply. If you are in the Starter Bracket, but party with a Diamond Bracket player, a win will put you both 1 bracket higher!

    What happens when I lose a game, but I am the only one in my party who did well during the game?
    The rules apply for the entire party, as we consider actions to be result of teamwork.
    If your party lost the game but only 1 player got many Final Kills/Beds Broken, both players will still stay in their respective brackets until next game.

    What about our stats?
    Stats tracking will disabled during the tournament, including winstreaks.
    To maintain the integrity of stats outside of the tournament, you won't able to gain/lose stats during it.

    Why host a Bed Wars tournament first?
    We wanted this first tournament to impact the greatest amount of players possible.
    But the tournament infrastructure allows us to easily organize tournaments for other games in the future.
    It's a very fitting tool to revive less popular games with tons of players for an event weekend, like a competitive Cops vs Crims teams tournament or a Quake special mode event.

    We are extremely excited for the future of Tournaments and hope you are too!
    We'll see you on the 23rd! :cool:

    PS: There will be 2X Bed Wars Experience during the tournament!
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    Goal GOAL
    I'm really excited for this! Really good that there are now official tournaments. I hope there will be an official football tournament in the near future!
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    IfOnly I
    But why bedwars...

    EDIT: why did hypixel get so mad it’s my opinion
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  6. This is actually amazing, very good job admins!
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  8. HA! And [people called me stupid when I said Bedwars was guaranteed going of be part of the first round CALLED IT

    Is it just me or is that the biggest blaze powder icon ever?
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    all aboard the HYPE TRAIN!!!
    why bedwars mini
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  13. dangggg, also smh all the closet cheaters are comming
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    Hyped to join it!
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    i wouldnt stand a chance against tryhard bridgers
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    Very cool and good!
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  19. So it has begun.

    Good luck to all participants!
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