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  1. Bloody hell im not gonna be with internet lol.

    Well anyways I don’t exactly feel like this is something that will turn in my favor.
  2. Skywars next!!
  3. Dual

    Dual Well-Known Member

    The Bloodlust BLOOD
    hypixel staff lmfao
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  4. Handsome young gentleman in his early twenties at the peak of his Minecraft esports career leading the best guild on the server?


    Ok that's a joke. I'm not in my twenties.
  5. or handsome
  6. A competitive one :eek:
  7. I'm torn apart to the point where I can't pick a side.

    I want to be glad that there's another tournament (which I won't be participating in again) on a still very popular game, but then there's the side that sees this as Hypixel's version of YouTube's 2019 Rewind being something we could've lived without. An unfair comparison, but it's the best I got.

    I totally understand that it takes a lot of precious time to implement tournaments from games that were made before Bed Wars. I'd be perfectly fine with waiting on a brand new tournament rather than the development team sacrificing that time in favor of hosting a repeat tournament that hasn't been long enough to warrant a high demand for it. It's quick and simple and all in the spur of the holiday season, but that effort could've been allocated towards making the Hypixel holiday experience even better! It just feels like the Hypixel holiday experience is being overshadowed.
    If Hypixel wants to end off 2019 with this kind of note then who am I to say what they can or can't do? I'm sure that many players will enjoy the second go round of the Bed Wars tournament, so it won't end up being a waste of time. All the bickering in this thread will be for naught.

    To end on a positive note, the development team over at Hypixel has some of my deepest respect for what they've done especially for 2019 with the advent of Sky Block. Y'all have really outdone yourselves! I wish every one of you all a safe and happy holidays/Christmas! Thank you all for making Hypixel great!
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  8. ok cool
  9. You obviously haven't had the pleasure of acquaintance ;)
  10. Ah yes bedwars 4v4 tournament
    time to get kcaled
  11. we did it boys cops n crims is no more
  12. SeaWhale

    SeaWhale Well-Known Member

    Toxins TOXIN
    this is not April fools
  13. This be looking like the best tourney yet already :eek:
  14. ok
  15. very cool
    thank you, hypixel
  16. ggmen
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  17. Let's hope people won't be dodging certain teams.
  18. ight imma head out
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