1. Recently I've been making reports on blatant hackers. The staff reply "Thanks for your report! :)" yet, they don't get banned. I don't know if these people have connections with staff faculty because they are not getting banned when the evidence of them hacking is apparent.

    I don't know if it's because I'm using Badlion client, but that would literally make no sense because I've seen many other's wearing Badlion utilizing the same client.

    [Videos deleted 'cause publicly shaming hackers is not okay here]
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  2. You should remove these videos from here as they show the name of the player etc. and you can be punished for public shaming. And the staff do punish cheaters, it just takes time.
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  3. Um “Thank you for your report” is an automated response...
    The staff aren’t actually replying to you
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  4. OH, okay. Thanks.
  5. Honestly, I’ve had this happen many times too. I’ve just given up on reporting people.
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  6. They usually need 100% accurate proof for bans, so chances are if someone is closet cheating well, they might overlook it.

    Incorrect since they removed the actual public shaming parts.
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  7. Well that’s definitely not gonna help ban people. That’s just you being part of the problem now,
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  8. It’s too much work to report people on the forums. Just easier to use /wdr and hope to sweet baby Jesus they get banned ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  9. There are websites/programs that exist where all you do is put the info in, and it makes an auto report good to go.
  10. It isn't really that hard to report on the forums depending on how much effort you put into it. If you have a back replay app, all you need to do is press a button, drag the video into youtube, and post that in the report forum with the format. Takes like 5 minutes and you can let the video processing on yt (which is the most time consuming thing) run in the background.
  11. Oh, really? That sounds super useful! Happen to have a link or name of one I could use?
  12. Read that again. Where in that statement does it say they were banned?
  13. Ah yes, I have removed the reply. Thanks for correcting me.
  14. Cuberates

    Cuberates Well-Known Member

    Ok then why don't they depend on their cheat detection then.
  15. i agree, it took 40 minutes for a blatant bhopper to get banned on uhc duels
  16. BryanPY

    BryanPY Well-Known Member

    No it is always some staff reviewing your report.

    Regarding to your question, staff aren’t allowed to tell players if the hacker/ rule-breaker is banned/ punished. Because they don’t disclose punishment and t might cause public shaming as you know. That’s why!
    They do punish people:
    • Enough evidence to proof
    • Not cropped screenshot
    • If you are trying to report a hacker, video evidence is required
    • Not enough to be punish or not against the rules

    More information teaching you how to report a player and get enough evidence on them.

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  17. Rukeo

    Rukeo Active Member

    Glorified GLORY
    Agreed, but to get them banned u need evidence like video or screenshot.
  18. And they don't read appeals
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  19. Nalcot

    Nalcot Well-Known Member

    Some people are a bit too optimistic about this.
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