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  1. I made a negative post regarding WATCHDOG and it got closed within minuites. After looking throgh the formus I saw the same thing in pretty much every post criticising WD.

    This is a problem. WD is falsely protrayed as an almost flawless system with no false bans and all critice is shut down. People are quick to defend WD and it "100% acuracy" even tho they have no idea how WD works, (neither do I.) they are blindly trusting a system just because the almighty hypixel says so.
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  2. There are so many posts about it, staff are trying to control the flow so the forums are not spammed. They aren't hiding anything.
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  3. agree.
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  4. RedFangMC

    RedFangMC Well-Known Member

    Well... every ban has a log from Watchdog that shows the checks and reasons why someone was banned. That's why a ban appeal gets denied. The log shows they cheated.
    And 95% of these posts go against forum rules, either they're posted in the wrong section, they speak about personal ban appeals, or they talk about other people being banned. All of which, being against the rules of the forums.

    And they're not covering up criticism. I've made plenty of threads in the past criticizing Watchdog, and it dates back to even me criticizing NoCheat+. If you just avoid the breaking the forum rules, then your post will not be deleted.
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  6. PostFarmer

    PostFarmer Well-Known Member

    We know that watchdog is not perfect - but the amount it has false banned is so small it's not even comparable. Something under 200, and you're probably not in that fraction.
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  7. The thing is that there is no way of knowing how many people are falsely banned. becouse they are like me, reported as not false. I am not counted towards in the 200 not-cheating pool you present as I am beeing counted as a cheater by the system when they present their "almost no false ban"-reports.
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  8. oCyph

    oCyph Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    So how is making another post gonna get the situation? This is still gonna get locked and you are wasting everyone’s time.

    Watchdog isn’t 100% accurate but it’s very rare to get a false ban. People are quick to defend it because it’s been on here for more than 3 years and many people trust the system as it takes a little too long to ban blatant ones.

    What you’re saying is completely dumb. Hypixel, the literal owner of this server is saying that it’s true. He manually reviewed it himself. People trust Hypixel and you can’t change that. Don’t complain if you cheated. Stay banned.
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  9. lopen

    lopen Well-Known Member

    CowSquad COW✪SQD
    And another one.
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  10. Helium_1s2

    Helium_1s2 Well-Known Member

  11. Staff are trained to make sure they can catch hackers. In a different way, Watchdog is programmed to catch hackers.

    Both can make mistakes but both have evidence of the supposed "hacking" through logs and videos etc. You can look back on the evidence to see if it was wrong, but if it is not wrong, you are hacking. You can't argue with facts. It's just that simple.
  12. i mean if it ain't constructive it really has no reason to be allowed imo
    where has this been said?
    i have yet to see a watchdog thread with this critice you speak of
    yeah because a lot of admins have came out and said how and what watchdog does and that most people who say they were false banned actually werent lol
    when there is more poof of people lying about being false banned than the other way around i am truly amazed how people continue to make ignorant comments
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  14. Helium_1s2

    Helium_1s2 Well-Known Member

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  15. Okay but uhhhhh you are blindly trusting that people who claim they are falsely banned are telling the truth. You're not better than those people who claim watchdog is flawless off of the word of Hypixel.
    It IS portrayed as an almost flawless system because it is. I assume that this thread is in response to the recent situation, and so to you I say, get off the bandwagon, look at the actual situation and think for yourself.
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  16. Watchdog does have an almost flawless system regarding false bans and that is because it makes sure not to ban anyone which it isn’t 100% sure is cheating so the things that trigger watchdog are extremely high settings only, the only reason people are this outraged is because the banned players are known and people are biased leaning towards believing them rather than the server that obviously has sufficient evidence to ban them.
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  17. Thanks for providing some feedback but there are a lot of posts around about WatchDog and a lot of misinformation being mentioned and posted as well. We would prefer thoughts and communication around it in one central location.

    Feedback is the best location for this and this is monitored by me to read over for ideas and community concerns. Staff are ideally moving threads to here as they have been seen or have been flag to be looked at.

    In future please come to this section and look for relevant thread to add your conversations to. If locked or can’t find any please create one.

    Watchdog posts are created for a variety of reasons, such as trying to get unbanned and other concerns. I can’t go into specifics but the work on watchdog is very accurate and designed around ensuring the decision to ban is accurate and tested that it is before being used.

    To be unbanned is very rare but that does not mean we are not listening as I know that I manually go and check on a lot of players who are concerned and check the data. The data is checked and if any concerns discussed and reviewed closely. However it is very rare that this occurs as the process before applying ban types is very thorough.

    We have been rolling new ban types and players are getting unexpectedly caught out.

    It is not just myself that reviews different situations where concerns are flagged, the watchdog devs follow up concerns they see, staff managers do this as well and most commonly appeals play a big part in flagging things they feel we need to review as well. The appeals team are very good at reviewing evidence and ensuring players have a fair consideration of wether they should be unbanned or not.

    The devs and managers have been working hard on the reporting system and watchdog constantly and updating regularly. These are very accurate and work together to notify staff and watchdog. Your reports are analysed by watchdog and also notify staff that currently spectating players.

    Please use /report so we can have watchdog and staff help you and in turn you help us with being able to spectate players and also gather important information for the devs to continue expanding and honing watchdogs skills.
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  18. Throwaway223

    Throwaway223 Member

    Do all watchdog appeals involve a moderator checking this data? If not from the sounds of your post, what happens in a normal watchdog appeal? My issue is that Wisp was unbanned because he is a high-profile player, not because of the forum appeal system.

    p.s. appreciate a public response, you could close the door, but open-ness is nice :)
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2019
  19. In regards to wisp, I can’t go into details due to privacy issues. His ban data was correct but there was also a very rare unusual instance that occurred around him. When we review stuff this is what we look for. Due to this we removed the ban but are currently talking with him to identify what occurred. Once again I want to reinforce be careful of anything you chose to use when modifying your client and hardware.

    The process used to identify an issue with the ban was the same for Wisp as it is for other players. This process is what led to his unban and not a result of him being a high profile player.

    These sorts of reviews I handle on a daily basis. I get flags from many different locations, appeals team is one of these main locations.
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  20. Bits the dust. Hey im gonna get you too!!!

    Im good no bully
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