1. Uh... The update will be today ,tomorrow or in 2 days.

    The update doesnt have any new armor, so I need to add some.
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  2. Oh, alright!
    Good luck buddy! You're making a great job.
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  3. why don't the items look the way they do in your inventory when they're in your hand or you are wearing them. I can see them in my hand ONLY when looking at my character, not directly in my hand in first person.
  4. What is your minecraft version? Are you using the normal mc client??
  5. Yayy!! Congrats on the 1000 downloads!! :D
    Can't wait for the animated textures and the grappling hook!
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  6. DonnyBoo

    DonnyBoo New Member

    I think that this pack is a genius idea, and I love it
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  7. haha, yes. Right now, the textures for 1.8 are done, only need to make a version for 1.13, do some super secret stuff, then update the post. The update will come out tomorrow!
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  8. How can i tell if theres an update to the pack?
  9. I will update the title and the post.
    You will know it when you see it.
  10. FivR

    FivR New Member

    Khualis GUILTY
    I think this pack is really creative and cool but the weapons dont feel that original, imo it would be a lot better if most of the swords weren't just recolors with minor differences.
  11. I will try to make my textures more original from now on.
  12. Could someone make a step by step tutorial with a video or with pictures im using 1.8.9 and optifine and the armor is custom like how you made it but the swords are just the default texture you have like exmaple golem sword is iron and all i see is your iron sword texture not the golem sword texture like you put on the post {same with all the other weapons}
  13. Do you mean.. You want me to make a tutorial on how I made the pack or how to install it?
  14. TopHead24

    TopHead24 New Member

    is there a chance u can do the Grapple Hook, Jungle Axe & some more :)
  15. Yes! They will come out today!
  16. TopHead24

    TopHead24 New Member

    Glad to hear!, very nice pack overall though using it now. :D
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  17. TopHead24

    TopHead24 New Member

    Actually, the big thing I always look for in texture packs is the crosshair like this upload_2019-7-7_9-40-54.png if you do end up releasing a animations version could this maybe make it into a pack in the future :)

  18. I will make an overlay version. There will only be the custom items and no vanilla retexturing and you can use your own tpack as underlay
  19. SethPRG

    SethPRG Active Member

    SkyComm SKY
    very nice
  20. Guys, im sorry. I will have to delay the update for tomorrow. I found really hard bug with the new textures and had to fix that bug. Plus the new updated post took longer than expected to make. And im still working on it. please wait until tomorrow!
    Also the pictures are temporarily unavailable, so here are the pictures that were in the post.
    Screenshot_1.png Screenshot_2.png Screenshot_3.png Screenshot_4.png Screenshot_5.png Screenshot_6.png Screenshot_7.png Screenshot_8.png Screenshot_9.png Screenshot_10.png Screenshot_11.png
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